Tuesday, December 28, 2010

sukiface skin care

i've never gotten so excited before for a facial cleanser..
my package finally arrived after 22 days from the days i ordered it.
it took 7 days to reach the US address at Portland,
then it took another 15 days for VPost to ship to Malaysia.

Took advantage of the christmas promo from http://www.sukiskincare.com/v6/ and http://www.vpost.com/maybank/ which is giving 40% off the shipping fees till end of 2010.

i regretted that i should have bought more and stock up.
i gave some for my mom to try... and she loved it!!
it was not drying and cleans the face....no chemicals and it's all natural!

the targeted bio-brightening face serum helps with the hyper-pigmentation, scars & spots which i need cos i'm still having scars from my pimples around my jaw and chin area.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

loving BFM... loving natural living...

Did I mention that I love.... BFM..

Well, i do!
I've learn so many things and they cover a wide range of topics..

I've just heard an interview on Eco Enzyme. Another step to all natural living...
woo hoo....

I do feel guilty with my purchases of natural skincare products from the states.
The shipment, the fuel, the energy foot print that i'm leaving just for my skin care products.

Will try to wash my face with the eco enzyme solution. and if it works for me..
I would be saving freaking a lot of $$ for my natural skin care products if it works on my skin....


Monday, October 18, 2010

organic products

I've tried using OCM - oil cleansing method before and i can't seem to stick with this regime.
I just didn't feel comfortable wiping the oil off my face with warm towel with heat and all..
I guess i share the same opinion with vivawomen on this matter

I then discover SUKI and ORGANIC APOTAKE from vivawomen.

I just love the feeling for the sugary bits exfoliating my dead skin and dirts without harming my skin with all the chemical from the conventional cleansers out there.
I have very sensitive and oily skin, prone to blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

After using suki's cleanser, i realize that i have very little whiteheads, less blackhead and just the monthly 'women' pimples.
I've been using this 'all natural' product for the pass month. all i can say that i have no regrets purchasing it...

Now i'm expending my venture to other product line...

Woo Hoo .... to my face..... boo hoo to my wallet


Saturday, October 2, 2010

ipoh trip

we took a trip up to Ipoh 2 weeks ago.
the hotel that we stayed was a disappointment base on the price we paid for. But then again.. i guess it was the Raya festive season.
i'll just let the pic tell the story...
more at my album


Saturday, July 24, 2010


After 2 weeks of waiting, my package from lovelula.com arrive this afternoon.
Woo Hoo....

The package was lovely. So eco friendly and so me....

I've only got budget for the Organic Apoteke Face Hydrating Gel for the time being. (which cost me £18.68)
Also bought the travel size of SukiFace Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser and the Forest Secrets iRejuvenate Step2 Regenerating Skin Serum.

it's time to test it.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ninja joe

We manage to catch "Prince of Persia" after work on Wednesday.

After hearing from David with no E about Ninja Joe. We decide to try it out ourself.
To my surprise, the burger was not bad.
When we went in, I saw this guy who ordered 6 pcs for him self! Then we realize that the burger was quite small compared to the McD's.
Since we had some food before the movie, we ordered 3 ninja's with fries and lemonade.

Burger was good.
Fries was good.
Lemonade was ok.

We're a Happy customer!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

the pink sage

Finally, after months of reading about the pink sage, we manage to pay a visit few Sundays ago.

It’s a brand new place at solaris damansara. The place has not been fully occupied yet, so parking was a breeze.

Can’t remember what we ordered. We had *something…. omelette with salmon, stacked breakfast and 3 stack buttermilk pancakes.
I was expecting fresh button mushroom but it came with Chinese mushroom.
The dried kind where you need to soak it before cooking it.
If they were to use can button mushroom also not so bad lar.. but Chinese mushroom.. hmm… That was a bit disappointing.

but i am looking forward to try out their other dishes the next round.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

muslin drawstring mini bags

I have been searching for these mini muslin drawstring bags for ages and couldn't find it in Malaysia. I had to order it from the States.

I have 500 pcs of these muslin bags / drawstring bags / favor bags to let go. Got these bags for my wedding. Wanted to use it as wedding favors but in the end I had to forgo the idea.

I'm selling these muslin bags / drawstring / favor bags now.

It's brand new and it hasn't been used.
These cute mini muslin bags is unbleached, eco friendly drawstring muslin bag.
Can be use as spice bags, gift bags, potpourri bags.
You can dye and sew on it too…

size : 75mm (width) x 90mm (height)
price : RM 300.00 for 500 pcs


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what do you see

tell me what do you see?
i see............... unclarity.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

char siew, siew yok & asam gai choy

I don't know why, but lately i've been craving for this sar chiew and sei yuk place at taman connaught.
They also serve one of my fav food, asam gai choy.
spicy, sour, and hot. De--li--cious...

the place is pack by noon time and it only subsides at around 4pm...
but it's worth the wait.

at this very minute, my saliva is dripping.... *gulp*


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

loving this oyster

finally i've manage to retrieve my flickr password account.

i've been meaning to post this for quite some time.
the image doesn't do justice to this oyster.
i've never like cook oyster. i always love my oyster as fresh as it is.

dave introduce us to this place at Low Yat Plaza which serve one of the best cooked oyster that i've tasted.

looking at it makes me drool. *slurp*