Wednesday, March 30, 2005

early morning

Came in to the office at 6.30am. Yes! 6.30am. This is what you have to do when you don't have a car. My dad’s car was giving some problems yesterday. Something to do with the starter or some thing, was never to good with car stuffs. Got a ride from my mother cos she like to leave the house ‘extra’ early every day to avoid the traffic. Ah..waking up at 6.00am is a tough job.

Mom: took your handphone?
Me: yah….(still in the sleeping mode)

Yet again…. When I came to the office… I realize that I didn’t bring my handphone. It’s on the bed…. Sigh…

As I was saying… came in at 6.30am. Hoping that the door would be open by then. Lucky me, the security guard opens the door at 6.30am daily. Did my usual stuff, black coffee with a ciggie. Sitting there at the pantry, I started my imagination again.
What is wrong with me!? Went back in to the office and started blog hoping.
Giss… I think I’m addicted with reading blogs…. Well, that’s the purpose of blogs rite. To let other people, strangers read your blog. Told my self that I should get an early start. Finish up my work early. But instead I blog hop.

Now it’s back to work.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I felt it. The earthquake struck Indonesia again. 8.5 mag. Got back from dinner with Eve and Ian. Took my shower and head off to my dear bed. Was watching Queer Eye for The Straight when I felt my bed was moving/shaking. It freaked me out for a moment. Then I remembered my conversation with Ian early on… about horror movies … the eye, ju-on…
The scene from Exorcises came to my head, where the bed was shaking while the girl was screaming for my mother. I could feel that I was stoning for a second there. Told my self that I’m starting to hallucinate and I’m just tired and needed my sleep soon.

Didn’t find out about the earthquake till this morning when the radio DJ’s was talking about it. Guess I was just freaking my self out yesterday.

It’s sad. 300plus people died from the yesterday’s earthquake. Is it going to be the end of the world like they say?...

Friday, March 25, 2005

first week

The week without my coll wasn’t as bad as I thought that it would be. I survived! I was just freaking my self out. But then again, it’s too soon to tell.
I have decided that since I can’t go to my Bali holiday I’m going for my tattoo. Then I would have to wait for probably another 2 months before I head of for my diving cert. That’s if I can save enough money by then. It totally slip my mind that I have to pay cash for the diving cert. Yeah, credit card was my intention. Ah….. the wonders of Credit Cards. Swipe swipe swipe…… Hmm… I wonder would Eddy except credit card. Hehehe

Monday, March 21, 2005

feeling the stress

I'm feeling it! The moment my coll/senior left today... mails kept coming in like water.
Not only do i have to handle the designs... I have to handle the po's, invoice, paper work and logistics stuffs. Not to mention, communicating with clients who’s England is like a puzzle.

I'm not complaining... am I? I'm embracing it with open arms, as it will train me up to be more organize and management skills. Yah!? I hope so …. Sigh….

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Looking forward to something

Had my 4 Japanese class yesterday. Either I’m slow… or the sensai was going really fast with the Japanese class.

I was looking forward to the MATTA fair last week. I had the whole thing planned. But unfortunately, things didn’t go the way I planned it. It turned out that the whole package was beyond our budget. I was looking forward to Bali. Sigh. I was ready to swip my credit card for the trip then head off to the next spot to get my camera. Instead, I walked out with disappointment after calculating the budget trip for KY. If only he had enough budget to go to Bali.

I wanna get out from the country for a few days!! I wanna look forward to something other then my Japanese class. I guess I can only look forward to click away my new camera.

Thursday, March 3, 2005


After a few interrogations, I manage to get my self a place in the Japanese class-Japanese Language (Beginner1). My enthusiasm of learning the language was pumping up for the pass 2 months. I’m very curious to know what the ‘bosses’ were talking in the pantry. LOL. It’s not that…. I’ve always wanted to learn the language and besides the classes is free! But then after the interrogations that I have to face with the organizer of the class, my ‘interest’ in the language was beginning to fade …..

“There’s a lot of students now. There’s no more place (for you). Your department is very different from the rest you know… You guys don’t need to learn and use it.
Why do you want to learn the language huh…? You only. wanna learn it for fun right… huh? ’

"Ahh... It's an extra language that I can learn" I replied.

Few days later she told me that the classes held in pairs. That there's an extra seat for me. After some disscusion with the sensei, they agreed to let me join.

The tone that she used was kinda offensive to me… but then again, I might be just to sensitive… hhmmm…..

I was praying that the class would not be boring and I would be able to hype up my enthusiasm in the language. I’m back in the game!. I spend the whole night trying to pronounce the vowel correctly. Still trying to remember what my sensei was saying….

Ah…… (a)
Ee…… (i)
Oo…… (u)
Eh…… (e)
O…….. (o)

The first assignment for next week is to pronounce my name and my hometown in Japanese.

Me ri sa from Su bang Jya ya?

I think so…