Monday, September 2, 2013

chemical free face... sort of

I was trying to recall the other day when did my obsession with using natural and organic products started. 

It all started with my face. I have a combination type of skin. More towards the oily side. I wouldn't say I've tried all sorts of moisturizer but I had my fair share of it. Every month I would have at least a pimple or 2. I  could never get rid of the blackheads or the whiteheads. I was prone to breakouts all the time. 

I've used cream moisturizer that promises non oily properties = breakouts. 
Then I found the gel type moisturizer = less breakouts. 

But I felt that I was putting parfum on my face every time when I use it and there also a layer of film on my skin which I thought that it would be okay as long it doesn't make my face breakout so often.(haha..)

I had to go for my monthly facials to make sure that my face would not be congested with black & whiteheads. The funny thing is that most of the time, I would have breakouts a day or two after my facial sessions. I would keep hearing the same thing from the beautician every time she does the extraction. 
"wah... You have a lot of blackhead and white heads... "
"your whiteheads is like toothpaste coming out every time I press it."

Finding the right face scrub was a challenge as well. Some help to clean out my blackheads but it was drying to my skin. Which causes more oil on my face. Some scrubs were not harsh on my skin nor it was helping with my blackhead problems.

I then stumbled upon vivawomen. I guess that's how it all started. Read reviews on Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. Bought the To-Go sample to try out. I just feel in love with this cleanser the first time I tried it. I was using it for a month++ before my next facial appointment.

I was super delighted when I heard the beautician's statement.
"eh... your face got very little blackhead and not much white head anymore..."

I was thinking to my self "hey.. this sugur scrub thingy really works...."
My face was less oilier cos it does not totally strip out all the oils and it really cleans my pores. 

As I found out more about chemical being use in beauty products. I started to read up the ingredients of the products that I was using and realise that all this years I have been putting chemicals on my face and it didn't even help with my problems. I need to go back to nature... Well more to natural products that it. 

My face was already filled with pimples, black & whiteheads... I should stop applying more chemicals to my face.

Hey, for centuries people from all around the world has been using natural stuffs for their beauty.. why stop now? It worked for them rite?...
We are putting way to much chemical to our body and not forgetting consuming it as well. 

To cut the long story short, I purchase some clays online for my pimple problems, then it lead to DIY hair shampoo (which I've gotten lazy with it) then I discovered eco enzyme  (from BFM) for all sort of usage (and it's environmental friendly).

Then soapnuts and the power of sodium bicarbonate!!

I've totally stop using off the racks beauty products now (except for the bodyshop seaweed toner) and religiously use all natural products. The more I found out about natural products the more it made sense to me. All this improvement also could be due to aging I guess... Hormones changing... who knows... 

Well, I can finally say that I have found my holy grail for my face. Ever since then, I have not gotten any huge monthly pimples... Once in a blue moon... like 2-3 months once, a pimple or 2 would pop up but then I would straight away apply clay on it. It would dry up before it can even form any pus. I have so much less blackheads and no more toothpaste like whiteheads.... the only blackheads I have now is around my nose area now... 

Pigmentation problem is still there.... due to my laziness of applying sunblock when I was younger. A lesson that is literally scarring my for life... 

Those days, I had to go for my monthly facials cos if I don't, my face would be congested with blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. 
It's been 3 years now... 
Since then, I've only visited the facial saloon twice and my last visit was Oct 2012.  I still have 12 more sessions with them.. all paid up... Darn....
I shall treat it as a relax/massage visit. sigh... a very expensive visit..

I use soap nuts for my laundry. I use Eco enzyme as detergent for dishes, for my laundry and to mop the floor. The residual from the enzyme, I add to my compost to use for my own grown veggies.

I love it... The more I find out about Eco Green the more I love it. Back to the basics.