Tuesday, December 28, 2010

sukiface skin care

i've never gotten so excited before for a facial cleanser..
my package finally arrived after 22 days from the days i ordered it.
it took 7 days to reach the US address at Portland,
then it took another 15 days for VPost to ship to Malaysia.

Took advantage of the christmas promo from http://www.sukiskincare.com/v6/ and http://www.vpost.com/maybank/ which is giving 40% off the shipping fees till end of 2010.

i regretted that i should have bought more and stock up.
i gave some for my mom to try... and she loved it!!
it was not drying and cleans the face....no chemicals and it's all natural!

the targeted bio-brightening face serum helps with the hyper-pigmentation, scars & spots which i need cos i'm still having scars from my pimples around my jaw and chin area.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

loving BFM... loving natural living...

Did I mention that I love.... BFM..

Well, i do!
I've learn so many things and they cover a wide range of topics..

I've just heard an interview on Eco Enzyme. Another step to all natural living...
woo hoo....

I do feel guilty with my purchases of natural skincare products from the states.
The shipment, the fuel, the energy foot print that i'm leaving just for my skin care products.

Will try to wash my face with the eco enzyme solution. and if it works for me..
I would be saving freaking a lot of $$ for my natural skin care products if it works on my skin....