Tuesday, January 30, 2007

family of 2 and family of 4

Can someone out there tell me how does marriage works?

Man marries women. They stay together alone, build a family.
Man use to pay everything back in the days during our parent’s time.
But these days, everything is equal… rite.
Fine. Split the bills….

Man marries women, they don’t live together.. they live with man’s family.
Does that means that the women have to bare a bit of the cost of living of 'the family'?

Or does she have to contribute the expenses of the family in terms of bills or food or the maid?

Or she does not have to cos, he has made a vow, when he made her his wife…. to take care of the women. And love the women, and blah blah blah….

Does the man have to pay the women monthly allowance when he marries the women or he does not have to since she’s working as well?
And on top of that they are staying with his family.

I wish thare’s a dummies for these things..

Friday, January 19, 2007


I knew this day would happen.( I was hoping that it will not….but…)
The day when I find out that I would not be able to go the japan and I had to figure out should I stay or should go. I thought that I could think about it ‘when’ I get back from Japan. But I guess, that day would not happen.

Dang!.. now I can hear my ex coll/ex schoolmate telling me to stop being in denial.
Occasionally, he would ask me when am I going to leave and I would tell him that I’m hoping and wishing that my japan trip would happen and I would think about it when I get back….

The boss has been telling me not to worry and he would be sending me there since last year… but just a few hours ago, the story changed.
I guess things don’t always go as you’ve planned. What a BUMMER!

It’s killing me just trying to figure out should I stay or should I go.
And which line should I be heading to…

Bl**dy h*ll…!…
While writing this…I realize that there’s a lot of these little red ants IN my ibook.
They were ‘attacking’ my bed few months back and now it’s the iBook!
Why ar??

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Yet again, it’s been a while.. …

Been freaking busy since before the new years till now. And finally I had time to breath and think. New year came by like a flash of lighting … While everyone was busy enjoying them self with the new years and holidays… I on the other hand had to work!!
Blame it on the desperations of the extra money.
Now that the project is over and out of my hands… I can relax and continue with practicing my photography.
On top of that…. I can’t stop thinking 2006 is over and gone.,,,
WHAT HAPPEN TO 2006!!?? Bugger!!

Well, I did manage to do some practicing on new years eve at the track of Sepang. But it did not turn out well at all.
Being on the track, watching people drift was an experience!

What’ve learn :

1. You need the extra cash to fix up your car after all the stunts that you would/could pull.
2. You really need a lot of extra cash for this ‘hobby’

Saw rims dangling out from the tires, bumps all over the bumpers, tires all torn out…..
smoke bursting out from the hood … (okay I might be blowing it out of proportion…kekeke) but you get my drift ..rite?

That would be the first and the last unless that Japanese dude (Which I can’t recall his name….) decides to come again to perform some stunts. … Apparently he’s a pro and famous for drifting. It would be more interesting to see him do those stunts…..

I do not have any personal resolutions this year… but I do hope that my friends and a certain friend would find himself and do what he wants to do and not regret his actions when the time comes in future…

Dang… another call… do I need to more extra extra cash…. ?????