Monday, June 16, 2014

trial and error-compose bin

after 2 successful batch on the composting bin. (in little bins) 
I had more confidences and started a new batch of compost pile in a bigger bin.

I added greens weekly to the bin and I think I went overboard with it. 
being lazy and not cutting it to smaller pieces, I dump the whole waste to the bin. 
like my pineapple skin with the lefty top.

weeks went by and the next thing i knew, my compost has gone bad.
I tried to save it by sunning it weekly,... 
tossing it to give it more oxygen,...
adding more browns... 
weeks and months went by... to be exact, 3 months after i discover it had gone bad...
I knew I had to toss it away.... the weather wasn't helping at all as it rained practically everyday for that period of time.
It smelled like a rubbish dump and partly the 'dog' was having some skin problem for weeks. the bin was attracting flies which was not helping with the dog's skin problem as well.

i'm taking a break from composing since i still have a pile of it from my previous batch. am using it bit by bit...

this was my 2nd successful compose bin. 
this happened after a few months.

and by the 7th months(i think) it was gone and now it's like this. 

as you can see, there's bits and pieces of egg shells. it's taking forever to compose. 

I've been using it for my veggie pots and it's working like magic!.