Friday, November 28, 2008

i call her 'brandy'

So much has happen ever since I’ve gotten hitch.
I have encounter people asking me when are we going to have kids…
And I was getting tired of that freaking question….

And recently, I tell them that we got a girl!

“ how many months?”
“3 months”
*stare with a surprise and start doing mental count just gotten hitch…. Less then 2 months…… cannot be.. shot gun married ar…… *
you sure ar?”

Of course I’m sure…. It’s a girl… and it’s 3 months old… actually 3 months plus….

They try to laugh it off… and change to another topic….
Few minutes later… cannot tahan… they confirm again…..

Yes lar…
We’ve gotten a 3 months old puppy..
And it’s a girl!

Brandy (the puppy) has been keeping us busy.
Priority is Brandy at the moment.

It’s actually like have kids…
Make sure that she eats…. Poo and pee at the right place….
Teaching her the do’s and don’ts….
Play with her…. Do some bonding session….

So the next time when someone ask me when are we planning to have kids…

I’ll just tell them… I just got one.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I have no idea what has gotten into me….. But all the sudden I feel all girly and am looking at products that can keep my skin looks smoother and healthy.
I guess it hit me during my recent trip to the beauty salon.

“ Your face is a bit dull…” (which I already know…..)
“ Pigmentation on your nose and cheeks”….. (Obviously… Had it ages ago….which I blame my self for not applying sun lotion when I’m go out to get some sun…. I’m a sun freak… )
“Your smile line is starting to sag a well…. “

*I will look like those Ah Mah…*

I’ve also notice my sagging smile line some time ago…. kekeke…
I guess it’s all the accumulation of the years for sleeping late, working late, alcohol and candies…

I’ve never been blessed with good skin.
Pimples come and go every month. Sometimes it leave with out any marks… but in other months they leaves a souvenir for me to remember by.
A mark that would scar me for life!

I guess age is catching up and I can no longer relay on my youth’s healing power….
I can no longer be lazy with my face.
I can no longer lie to myself that I’m still 21……
And I really have to quit my candies…



Tuesday, July 15, 2008

tick tock tick tock

As the clock is ticking, and the calls that came in to ask me to confirm the time for tomorrow morning… my heart is beating fast and faster. And I can’t seem to get ride of it.

I guess it’s hitting me. The day after tomorrow I would not be single anymore.
The thought of signing that piece of paper is starting to scare me. I know it’s just a piece of paper, but that piece of paper symbolizes that I am no longer single and available.

I would be a mrs instead of a miss.
I would have to fill in forms on the married section instead of the single section.
I would have to address someone else’s mother as “mother”
I would have to think twice before I do anything now as I’m no longer in the world as a single. It’s s plural now.
I would not be able to say let’s break up or let’s take time off… it would be I want a divorce.

I’m having cold feet now. Really cold!
I wonder can I postpone tomorrow. Hmmm…

I think I’ll need some alcohol to make me sleep tonight.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

sms contest

I am officially addicted to all this sms contest!
I started when I saw a promo ad on tv. I was bored, so I started sms-ing,
When I released that it cost RM1 for each sms, I stopped.
Wahl au ehh.... Have to answer 5 questions leh... then another 1 sms to tell you what is your score. About RM7 gone *phoof not including the standard chargers for normal.

I gave up after the 3rd question.
Weeks later, I got a call saying that I’ve won a t-shirt.
Wah….. So easy…. Answer 3 questions and *I think I got 1 answer correctly* and I won a T-Shirt. Kekeke…
But I didn’t bother going to the place to collect the t-shirt.

A month later… I saw another sms contest. 1st prize is a trip to the land down under.
Out of boredem, again I started to sms to the contest.
Mana tau, I tembak all the questions and I got all correct. Wah.. shiok lar…
*can win wor like that… I decided to “invest” RM60 to see if I can win this trip….
I continued to sms, checking my rank now and then…
Next thing I knew, I’ve spent about RM80+ for :
a cap
movie stills
and 4 movie passes that I can only use after 2 weeks from the day they start showing in the cinema.

Now, there’s another contest going on… I thought it’s ok to invest another RM60.
This time it has gone too far… I kept on sms-ing rounds after rounds… topping up my credit… without realizing myself, I’ve been sms-ing 1 round after another…
Knowing that I’m lack of fund this month… and I will have to eat bread until next month…. I still can’t help myself. Telling myself that I will have to stop these sms ing right after the next round. But the next rounds came after another next rounds….
In total I’ve spent about RM200

Conclusion is…..
Unless you are willing to fork out RM500 or more, you might as well forget about the whole idea of winning the 1st prize trip.

I’m just wondering how much did the winner “invested” in that sms contest. Hhmmm……


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

tak dapat rock, ada sikit shop & have to recover

Finally the card has arrived after 46days. And less then a week, the 1grand has been used up. *Gone * phoff ** sighhh….

I always wonder what I would do I’ve win 1k and I thought that it would last me quite a while. I guess I was wrong! Our money is so small….!!

I was really bump out cos I was really hoping to win the ‘rock, shop and recovery’ trip.
Just imagine… going to Japan again! This time, it’s not for work but for the FUJI ROCK Festival..!! then shop your heads off in Bangkok!!... On top of that, you get to go Bali for some sun and relaxation!!!!...
Isn’t that a dream vacation? And I really need a vacation!!
Did I mention that it was all paid for!!... arrgghh…

Anyway, there were 5 of us.
We had to go through 3 rounds. I was ‘kinda’ rocking in the 1st round.
We had to get the most points to stay for the next round by guessing some rock songs and playing the electric guitar XBOX thingy.

So there were 4 of us left.
When it came to the 2nd round I had high hopes for making throu…
When we found out what we had to do for the 2nd round. I almost killed myself.
You know why!!??
Cos for the passed few days, my department had to shift places in the office… with all the shifting and moving… my body was aching and my body was trying to recover from the so call ‘intensive work out’.

Next thing I knew, we had to get to the bowling area, ice skating area and Tropicana shop area to locate the Hitz ppl. Answer a question from all those 3 places and write it down.
Who ever that gets back the fastest will go the 3rd and final round.

The moment they press the horn, everyone ran as fast as they could.
I ran as fast as I could to the skating area. Before I could reach. My legs were giving up on me. I was cursing the freaking moving and shifting of my new office place. We knew we had to shift way back since months ago. Of all the time to start shifting. It had to be few days before the day when I get to win my dream vacation!!

“why wanna shift before this event. I haven’t recover from my aching and soaring of my muscles lehh… “
“stupid shifting”
At the end, I drag myself from one corner to another.

I was the 3rd to arrive back to the stage and I thought I have made it to the final stage! But noo……..
I guess I was too engross strategizing which area to run first, when they announced the last 2 contestants to arrive back to the stage will be eliminated.

Gone* phoofff** my dream vacation all gone… down the drain.. Together with my legs.
It took me almost 2 weeks to recover from my muscle torn.

But over all….it was an experience.

Thanks to Alliance Credit Card and Hitz!!


Friday, February 1, 2008

things that i did know

It’s been crazy ever since I came back from the Vietnam business trip.
Yay….. free trip again. But then still have to work…

Spent 1 ½ day in Ho Chi Minh and another 2 days in Hanoi.
The weather in Hanoi was cold.. and I freaked out the minute when I landed there. I tried to trace back if I had brought any cloths that can keep me warm for the few days there.
Thank god as the time goes by, the weather was not as cold when I arrived.

Work is pilling up… I thought I can get it done and over with before the Chinese New year… but due to problems from the other ‘side’ .. I would have to prepare my self to slave throu the week after the CNY.

After all the research, I realize that people have this mind set that certain things have to be in a certain way.

For instance,
A: what kinda car is going to be your wedding car? Mercedez ? a BMW?
B: Does it matter what kinda car?
A: Of course…

What’s the point of converting a ‘luxury’ car to a wedding car when ‘the car’ is not even own by you.
Why even bother to renting it!!.. my gosh… the things that I’ve found out theses couple of weeks….

A: why you don’t want wedding band? Must have a ring…
B: Don’t want mah don want lor.. I want a tattoo instead…

Then they would give the ‘look’

A: You’re not taking your wedding pictures?? Why..? Must take…
B: Cos I don’t want to make a fool out of my self …
A: Hai yar… once in a life time mar… for memories…
B: It’s just not me lar… to pose and pose…

Then they would give the ‘look’ again…

Yes… yes… different ppl has their own different ideas and likings..
I do respect that… but these things are not my cup of tea…

I make a fool of my self everyday and I don’t wish to immortalize it for the rest of my life..
Change here… change there… pose here … pose there…

A: how many dresses are you going to change during dinner?
B : 1 only…
A: (giving the ‘look’ again)Why… ?

My gosh.. Change so many times for what….
Probably it’s a girl thing… or maybe I’m not that girly enough …

I do question my self sometimes…