Monday, April 1, 2013

salmon and anchovies

As I was flipping thru the channels on the TV last weekend, the program 'Kitchen Boss' caught my eye. Buddy, the chef is usually joined by his family members in this show. This time around it was his Aunt. (i think...) So far, I think his/family recipes is really easy to follow. I have not tried any of it until this dish caught my attention.

It was a fish and veggie dish.
I missed out the first part of the fish section. But the veggie part was really easy to make.

The ingredients were pretty simple too.
- olive oil
- garlic
- caper
- anchovies
- zucchini

It was super easy and it 'sounded/looks' delicious.

As we were doing our usually weekly grocery shopping for the week. The salmon at the fish section was calling to to me.... (cos it looks fresh) I asked the 'MR' if he's up for a salmon pasta with a twist for dinner that day and he gave me the nod.

So I made this simple picolino cucumbers dish(I couldn't find zucchini, so I replaced it picolino cucumbers), then top it up with fillet salmon with lemon.

I loveee salmon... Don't get me wrong. But I sometimes feel that salmon has a very heavy and rich body to it especially if it's with pasta.

So I figured, why not mix and match this 2 dish together to ease up the heaviness of it.

It turn out nice...
I should have added more anchovies like how Buddy did!

Homemade dinner - picolino cucumber with a hint of anchovy, top with salmon fillet. #food #pasta by melmok
photo by melmok