Thursday, September 6, 2007

all smile

all smile
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I realized that I haven’t been blogging lately.
Probably, I’m still recovering from my lost of my dear iBook… my ‘mac mac’

It’s been almost 2 months since I came back from Nihon.
A week after Nihon, before I could recover from one of the most advanced country in Asia, I hopped to another plane.
To Seam Reap….
This trip was planned since January.
Which was my yearly holiday.
Everything there….was not as cheap as I thought.
“1 dollar…… 1 dollar……..”
Is what I’ve been hearing from the little kids from the whole entire trip.

A very huge difference experience from Japan and Seam Reap.

A bunch of children would surround you with shawls, souvenirs and cold drinks after every visit from the temples.
Saying “no thank you’ was our standard answer.
But I gave in a few times at the end cos some of the kids was very persistent…
Following us to our tuk tuk until we were about to ride off.

We were told by our tuk tuk driver not to buy things from the kids.
This would encourage the kids to stop schooling if they think that they can survive by selling or begging from tourists.
It’s sad to see that Khmers lives in such a poor condition. Everyone is doing the same thing to survive. Selling the same stuffs.. talk about competition!

The day before we left, we went to Banteay Srei, which was about 35-45 km away from Angkor Wat. It took us 45 mins to reach Banteay Srei. Along the way, we could see how the Khmers lives. It’s very similar with our kampung style. But the condition was worst.

Being in two difference country, back to back….. made me think that we are blessed.
As an Asian country, we are not the worst in living condition and could be the best in future. :D

Next stop, DUBAI….


Thursday, July 12, 2007


After talking about it for a year.
The day has arrived.
Am going to Japan soon.
Woo hoo!!…
Under business trip and market research expenses…

Am going to 3 places in a week and it’s all about presenting to the people there about what we do here.

I am expecting myself to drop dead when I check into the hotel at night from all the traveling around…. Jumping from 1 place to another in less then 48 hours. I can’t wait for the last 2 days when I’ll be free from all the smiling and presentation…
My last stop would be at TOKYO… so little time and so many places to explore!!!
Hmm… I haven’t even do a proper research on the traveling around the city yet.. arrgghh…

Time is ticking and yet I still have time to blog.. muhahahah…
Okay.. back to work… have to finish it up before Monday.

Thursday, May 31, 2007


I got a call from my dad.
He calmly asked if I had place my ibook at the same old place that I’ve always put it.

I said yes and asked why?

He confirm with me again to find out whether I’ve taken it to work.
And from there I knew something must have happed.

He then calmly said that our house has been broke in.
The first thing that popped in my mind was my camera that was still under the installment plan payment.
“Is both my cameras still there?”

He couldn’t tell as the place was in a mess and the moment that I hung up. I couldn’t stop swearing.
Surely they/he must have taken the 2 cameras with all the cash and jewelries.

My brand new bag pack that was placed nicely on top of the closet!
My laptop and camera bag which cost me some $$$ would be gone.
My mom’s jewelries.. my jewelries…. Currency notes… cash… credit cards…

I had prepared the worst scenario.

I went back straight in spite of the rain that was pouring down. As I was waiting for the rain to subside..
My imagination went wild on me. The tv, hi-fi, compute…. Everything must have surely been gone. The house would be in a totally mess!!

When I went back home.
Everything in the living room was in place. Went to my parents room, the cloths was all on the floor and bed.
Went to my room, the same thing… Confirm that my iBook was gone.
Surprisingly, both my cameras were still there.
My GOSH! They/he did not take the cameras…

My iBook, my mom’s jewelries, currency notes and cash all gone with the wind.

Apparently my dad left the house at 12.15pm for lunch and came back at 1.00pm
Within 45 mins, the house was broken in.

It’s been 3 days since…
I miss my iBook that has served me well and good for the past 3 years.
The jewelries, that was with the family for 30 over years….
The currency notes, that was suppose to be utilize next year and
the cash, for the household utilities…

May it ‘all’ rest in peace and may the Bl**DY B*S*ARD burn in H*LL!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007


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It is confirm that I can’t be in reality show!

I can’t be that backstabbing ‘B**CH” nor the nice girl who could be stabbed behind.
I would rather keep any comments to my self and not blunt it out to the nation wide .
Am regretting for what I’ve said.. and I hope that you guys won’t hunt me down when you see it on TV…

Okay.. my 5 minutes of fame.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


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Ian got some free tics to the F1 and I took the opportunity to practice my photo snapping.
All hype up to snap people pics but ended up taking more car pics, even thou I know that my lens is not up to that standard. By the time I gave up on the car pics… I realize that my back was heating up and started to soar. Then I realize that I’ve forgotten to put on sun screen lotion on my back! After 2 hours under the direct sun…!!!

Came back with really red back… and it’s freaking hurting rite now….

I realize that people are afraid of change.
More so after having a chat with a coll today.
People tend to want more in life and not do anything about it.
They/Humans/Us/People ‘…loves…' to complain about their life’s…. not earning enough…. not happy with this and that....and yet they do nothing to improve it.

If you don’t like it, then do something about it!!

I guess we are all so comfortable with our daily ‘schedules’ and life’s that makes us afraid to take ‘THAT’ step to change.

Taking a chance, making the first step and going out of the box is always daunting.
This is what you have to do if you want to change.
Change you life.
Change your career.
Change everything.

Sometimes we just have to do what NIKE says..
“Just Do It’

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

family of 2 and family of 4

Can someone out there tell me how does marriage works?

Man marries women. They stay together alone, build a family.
Man use to pay everything back in the days during our parent’s time.
But these days, everything is equal… rite.
Fine. Split the bills….

Man marries women, they don’t live together.. they live with man’s family.
Does that means that the women have to bare a bit of the cost of living of 'the family'?

Or does she have to contribute the expenses of the family in terms of bills or food or the maid?

Or she does not have to cos, he has made a vow, when he made her his wife…. to take care of the women. And love the women, and blah blah blah….

Does the man have to pay the women monthly allowance when he marries the women or he does not have to since she’s working as well?
And on top of that they are staying with his family.

I wish thare’s a dummies for these things..

Friday, January 19, 2007


I knew this day would happen.( I was hoping that it will not….but…)
The day when I find out that I would not be able to go the japan and I had to figure out should I stay or should go. I thought that I could think about it ‘when’ I get back from Japan. But I guess, that day would not happen.

Dang!.. now I can hear my ex coll/ex schoolmate telling me to stop being in denial.
Occasionally, he would ask me when am I going to leave and I would tell him that I’m hoping and wishing that my japan trip would happen and I would think about it when I get back….

The boss has been telling me not to worry and he would be sending me there since last year… but just a few hours ago, the story changed.
I guess things don’t always go as you’ve planned. What a BUMMER!

It’s killing me just trying to figure out should I stay or should I go.
And which line should I be heading to…

Bl**dy h*ll…!…
While writing this…I realize that there’s a lot of these little red ants IN my ibook.
They were ‘attacking’ my bed few months back and now it’s the iBook!
Why ar??

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Yet again, it’s been a while.. …

Been freaking busy since before the new years till now. And finally I had time to breath and think. New year came by like a flash of lighting … While everyone was busy enjoying them self with the new years and holidays… I on the other hand had to work!!
Blame it on the desperations of the extra money.
Now that the project is over and out of my hands… I can relax and continue with practicing my photography.
On top of that…. I can’t stop thinking 2006 is over and gone.,,,
WHAT HAPPEN TO 2006!!?? Bugger!!

Well, I did manage to do some practicing on new years eve at the track of Sepang. But it did not turn out well at all.
Being on the track, watching people drift was an experience!

What’ve learn :

1. You need the extra cash to fix up your car after all the stunts that you would/could pull.
2. You really need a lot of extra cash for this ‘hobby’

Saw rims dangling out from the tires, bumps all over the bumpers, tires all torn out…..
smoke bursting out from the hood … (okay I might be blowing it out of proportion…kekeke) but you get my drift ..rite?

That would be the first and the last unless that Japanese dude (Which I can’t recall his name….) decides to come again to perform some stunts. … Apparently he’s a pro and famous for drifting. It would be more interesting to see him do those stunts…..

I do not have any personal resolutions this year… but I do hope that my friends and a certain friend would find himself and do what he wants to do and not regret his actions when the time comes in future…

Dang… another call… do I need to more extra extra cash…. ?????