Friday, January 27, 2006

wedding assignment

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Recently I did my first assignment as the photographer for a friend’s brother’s wedding luncheon. They knew that I was interested in taking pictures. So there’s you go, she said. Here is your opportunity to snap all the way. I could feel the pressure was on me.

"I don’t want to mess up your brothers wedding picture! No no no…"

“Don’t worry, they would be doing their professional ‘studio’ wedding pictures.” she said. The wedding luncheon thing is just for you to snap snap snap… HA HA…
“Okay…” Still feeling a little bit uncomfortable. But still….

I don’t mind snapping pictures on the day it self. But being the ONE and only photographer there would be a real pressured for me.

I want to take pictures that were different from the others. You get what I mean? Being the one and only person who is taking pictures would mean that I would have to take the standard pictures like everyone else’s wedding luncheon/ceremony picture and not having enough time to snap it differently. I’m still learning to take shoot correctly and knowing myself I would be all stress out trying to take a perfect picture.

the wedding lucheon
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Looking back at the pictures that I’ve taken, I could have done a better job if I could have calm myself down and made sure the aperture and shutter were rite and to direct the couple to pose differently.

Half of the shots were a disappointment to me.
Good pose but bad lighting,
Good lighting but it turned out blurred. ArGh …

Mostly the fast moving ones…
Going to the Brides house then the Chinese tea ceremony, then back to the Grooms place to have the grooms’ side of the tea ceremony. Then the families shoot. Then going around the house to find subjects that were different and things that the couple would enjoy looking back in a few years to come.

I realize that the pictures that look decent enough for the eye of a photographer were the pictures that I had time to select and adjust the rite aperture and shutter speed ….
Making sure that shoot look good.

I did enjoy the whole scene thou. If only there was a pro-photographer to learn from during the wedding luncheon. Kekeke…
It was a great experience. I can’t wait to go to another wedding to snap snap snap…. For the time being I would have to keep on practicing my snapping round the house.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Lately, there’s either news about a blog, or a blogger or about blogging in the newspaper. What is it about blogs,bloggers and blogging. Blogging is a freedom of speech, an online journal and yet it’s a self marketing tool.

Some blogger got fired after blogging about his company recently. Apparently, stated in the newspaper, blogging about activities in the company or about your boss can really get you in trouble. This is because some companies have their own secret hidden ‘master plan’ to conquer the world. Kekeke… you know what I mean…. So just be very careful what you write/blog on YOUR online journal/freedom of speech/self marketing site.
Or just use the old fashion way..… the little book called the ‘diary’. I miss the little book. If only they have the undo, cut, paste and redo button on it… I’ll be the first customer…

Online journal, freedom of speech or self marketing.
It depends on how you look at it. I my self is not a true blogger. I don’t ‘blog’ everyday. I’m more to a ‘blog reader’. I setup a blog just to put my frustration and thoughts down so that I can look back in time to see how I go thou ‘this life’ , hopefully with a smile on my face.

To other bloggers, it’s more like an self advertising to them. I’m cool with that idea. Marketing yourself is part of life. Weather you believe it or not., you need to market youself.
But having ‘banners’ with your pic on it in every single degree of the site is way to much for me. I do give credit to bloggers who goes all the way out to advertise them self on the net.

I just came across one blog an hour ago. I just can’t get the blog out of my head. I really have to give credit to the “blogger”. How do I describe the look and feel of the blog…? Hmm….
It really looks like … (how do I put it) a company/business portal website….? Where you get a lot of banners, icons to promote it’s company /business. You get what I mean?

Hhmm…. Arrgghhh…
Okay.. more directly, not like anyone is reading this blog… hm…(I’m like really writing a little online diary here… cool… ) okay.. back to the subject…
There… I’ve said it…. I’ve been staring at the ceiling like a freaking idiot trying to figure out what was wrong with the site… and yet I’m totally okay with the self-marketing/advertising self thingy. Yes, it looks more like a porn site.

A salute to the blogger that cannot be named. Woo hoo…