Thursday, December 31, 2009

end of 2009

it's 10 hours before 2010.

heck with the celebration and the going throu with the traffic jam.
i guess it's time to reflect back what i've achieve for the past year.

- i totally lost my flickr account password. so there goes updating my "images"
- i've cut down on my "candy" intake
- got more pigmentation spots on my face which made me spend more money on facial product.... : (
- my minor slip disc is back. am trying acupuncture and hope that it will work. will have wait till end of Jan to see if there's any improvement.
- am learning to drink more chinese herbal drink which i hardly drink.
- learn how to take proper studio shoot.
- confirmed that i need a 24-70mm and a flash!. hehehe (should have bought it when i was in HK)
- manage to see some $ at shutterstock after more then 3 years... hahaha
- stop using plastic bags with i shop. it's a habit to carry my own recyclable bags now a days. but i do forget once as well. :D
- ignoring my blog for half a year....


Friday, July 17, 2009

i can't remember where i've read this..
at this present moment.. i so totally agree with it.

"Money can't buy happiness
but money can certainly make your misery more pleasant"


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

cooking bug

I’ve been surfing at food sites for the past couple of weeks and I found this wonderful site FoodBuzz. I have not “contributed” any recipes on my own yet, but I did found loads of recipes to play with during the weekends.

semi burned oatbar

Was exploring the site, looking at food blogs and wah lah! Found this wonderful and easy recipe to replace my weekly purchase of the oatmeal bar with Dulce de Leche & Oat Apple Bars.

I’ve been trying to find alternative ways to replace my daily emergency snacks.

Been buying this ‘oatmeal bar’, which cost me about RM10 every week to temporally fulfill my hungry while being stuck in the jam.

Since I have these urges to cook, I made my own snacks.

I didn’t manage to snap any pics but one thing for sure.

It taste really good. So, instead of keeping it for this week, it became my teatime meal for that day!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

live show

The thing about not having Star World channel available to you is that you have to depend on normal tv station.

And I’ve been watching American Idol at normal tv station. I’m not complaining. The slight problem with normal tv station is that they don’t do live telecast. It’s shown a day later.  I have no problems with that as long as I get to watch it.

Don’t you hate it when people tell you the whole juicy snippets of the show before you get the chance to watch it. It just kills the moment/experience/excitement of watching the show. There’s no more suspension when you watch it….. you get what I mean?

During this time around, all I have to do is avoid certain radio station in the morning while driving and keep away from the newspaper for that day.

So my news updates would be a day delayed.

You see, I’ve been listening to Station A for as long as I can remember. Every morning, while driving to work and being stuck at the traffic jam.

When it comes to American idol season, they would talk about how great or crappy the contestant performed. After a while of listening to it, it killed my suspense’s when I watch the show.

So when it comes to the idol season, I would stop listening to Station A. I would switch to Station B. I guess the Idol fever was everywhere, even Station B was talking about the performance of the contestant of the American Idol.

Until recently, I found a new station. Let’s call it Station C. It was a pretty cool station. It played songs from the 70s to the 90s ….  Mixture of different genre.  Every morning I get to exercise my brain cells.  Get to listen to a bit of world updates.  I am a happy customer.

I thought I found a great station.  Great music, no unwanted news.  And I get to watch my American idol on my fave tv station.

Not till a few hours ago!

Out of the blues, the “wonderful’ DJ at station C decided to tell his listeners about the latest news of the American Idol.

I thought I was listening to a radio station that does not talk about any thing on American Idol. And I gave station C an extra point.

Now that I know who is going to be voted off even before I can watch the performance. There’s no more suspension.


Friday, May 8, 2009

seafood paella

I was suppose to blog about my short trip to Langkawi when I came back but I got sick after the trip for 2 weeks. Then came the wisdom tooth problem.
I blame the cheap beer, liquor and my large consumption of the chocolate intake.
I would love to blame the sun but I won’t. Cos I love the sun!
I blame my self for not drinking enough of water thou. Kekekeke

Anyway I was going thru my pics from the trip.
I can’t help but to drool for the seafood that we had over there.
The fresh fish….crabs….. prawns….. oh my .. and the fat juicy ‘lala’ (clams). I had never tasted such succulent ‘lala’ before. It’s really fresh and it’s huge. Well, bigger then the ones in KL.

I didn’t manage to take much food pics cos I was too hungry most of the time and I just could wait to chomp down all the food.

Anyway, the day we landed our butt at Langkawi, we headed to Tapaz and had our late lunch.

Every time I look at this pic.

seafood paella

I can’t help but to crave for their seafood paella.

Night came and we headed off for our duty free shopping.
I never felt that happy before when we step foot at one of the duty free liquor/chocolate shops.

I felt like a little kid in a huge candy shop. Bottles of liquor all displaying on the shelves waiting for me to take them home. I was aiming for some other liquor to add in to my little bar collection. I’ve been buying Malibu every time I visit the duty free shop at the KLIA.

Going from one shelf to another with excitement, smiling to myself like a crazy girl who has not seen so much cheap liquor in my life before.
It’s not like I have not been to Langkawi duty free shops before. This trip would be my 3rd.

My 1st trip the Langkawi was when I was about 11 or 12 years old. It was with my parents and maybe about 3-4 other families. It was my 1st time taking the airplane.
Ah….. who can forget their 1st.
It was the most horrific experience that I can never forget!

I cried the whole entire flight. My ear drums felt like it was going to burst and I just wanted kill myself there and then to stop the pain.

Long story short, my 
1st trip was too young to experiment with alcohol. All I can remember from that trip is the flight and the beach.

2nd trip. 5-6 years back. A day trip. Spend a night there before heading to Penang. I can’t remember anything from the trip. Except we bought a bottle of liquor which we had to hide it in our dirty laundry bag when we went back.

During this trip, I didn’t know why I was so happy to see all those bottles of liquor. Maybe because I knew that we were going to stay there for 3 days and I can have the chance to try out all the miniature bottle liquors that is the cheap before deciding which to bottle I would bring back to KL.

We bought a couple of miniature bottles to try out. 
Dinner at Kuah town was not that fantastic as the review said. 
It was slightly over price and it the was so so … it was quite a let down.

But the next day’s meal was fantastic.
Had lunch at Islandish Seafood Restaurant.
The crabs and steam thai fish style was wonderful.
We went back to Kuah town at night for another round 
of liquor and chocolate shopping. 
Manage to find another restaurant, Weng Fung Restaurant. 
They serve cheap and good food. We had ostrich meat, fried cabbage with sambal, steam lala, and small oyster.

All in all, food was great. Tried out a few nice drinks and at the end, 
I bought back my fav drink, Malibu. Malibu Pineapple.


Friday, March 13, 2009

post holiday

It’s a horrible feeling to get sick rite after a nice holiday.
Especially, when i can’t stop thinking about the delicious chocolates that i’ve bought.

Thanks to the good sun, good food, cheap alcohol+candy and the lack of sleep, I now have a bad sore throat and cold.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a candy a day

I made a deal with one of my colleague that we would only take a candy for today.

So far, the candy intake :
2 before reaching office.
2 before lunch.
2 after lunch
2 after dinner


So far, a candy a day is not working at all.


Friday, February 20, 2009

free stuffs

I’ve mention before that I’m a sucker for all these sms contest.
I’ve told my self that I should stop.
But I just couldn’t. kekeke…

It’s like an addiction...


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

325 days

Who can resist 'free' airfair and all these promotion fairs going around with airasia and malaysian airline.

Yay! Am going for a holiday...
Unfortunately I would have to wait for another 325 days. *bummer*


Thursday, February 12, 2009

time to change

I realize I’ve been leading a very unhealthy life style.

- the amount of coffee intake
- lack of sleep (weekdays)
- too much of sleep (weekends)
- the amount of candy intake…..

With age catching up… I don’t think it would look to good in the next few years if I don’t do something about it.

I’ve actually bought some exercising gear 5 months ago cos I didn’t want to continue spending RM200++ a month for the gym which I hardly go.
Every time when I make a trip to the gym, the thought of finding a parking space with the jam kills my mood.

6 years ago, I would have continued with my gym routines. My office was just 2 minutes walk from the gym!

Anyway, I told myself that I would utilize what I have bought to the max.
Truly, I was using it everyday!
Only for a month!!
and it’s been sitting there collection dust ever since.

I always tell people that action speaks louder that words… and yet, I don’t practice it..

I kill my self sometimes….