Monday, May 30, 2005

my stomach

My dad turned 54 yesterday. He didn’t want to go out and eat for his birthday, instead we have a steamboat session. Due to my dad’s golf game and it’s his birthday, my parents decided to have the steamboat on Saturday instead so he can play his game in peace and not had to rush back home to have the dinner.

Went and bought presents for him, and some for myself too! The Speedy shop was just too irresistible. Though of getting some DVDs because Wong mentioned that they are having this promotion thingy. CHEAP DVDs!
But instead of getting DVDs, I got FRIENDS, season 8. It’s cheap! 2 for 12.90RM
Was contemplating to get the whole freaking FRIENDS since it’s so cheap. But I had my credit card bills to remind me that I’m still in debt. I can’t stop thinking of getting the rest of the season of FRIENDS now.. hellpp…..
I’ve got the RAM thingy to upgrade and the power sleeves to buy for my baby IBook.

I need more MARNEE!!!.... But then again who doesn’t!

So I stopped myself with just the season 8 of FRIENDS and head back home to help my dear mother to prepare the food for the night. It didn’t stop till 10 plus. My stomach was crying for help after the crabs, prawns, fish…… due to the afternoon lunch that I had. The famous Chili Pan Mee at KL. How can I not eat the Pan Mee with the dark red, hot, spicy chili! Yum yum….

That was the reason that I had to go back and forth to the toilet yesterday. Oh what a Sunday....
Freaking Chili Pan Mee! My poor stomach was crying for help the whole yesterday. I was crying for help! My ass was crying for help!

And it’s still crying for help now. Maybe I should go get a MC … hmmmm…..

Monday, May 16, 2005

friday night

Friday was a hectic night. Went to a friends surprise party at Thai Bar. She wasn’t surprised at all. Dance for freaking 2 hours plus till my legs gave up on me. It’s been a while since I was on high hills. Or probably I’m getting old. Decided to go down and get some fresh air and a decent place to sit. Less then 30 minutes people started coming out like flies. I thought that there was some fights, but it turned out to be a police raid. It last about 35 minutes. Apparently, there was a huge fight last week and they were there to identify the ‘gang’ who was involve in the fight. I waited for the whole fiesta to end before I could go back in to use the toilet and look for my friends. On top of that, the guy who sat next to me was having an argument with his friends. All I could understand was his vulgar words in Hakka or Manderin…. He was about to smash his bottle of Heineken against the table when his friend told him something while looking at me… DAMN . It was freaky. Tried to avoid eye contact but I couldn’t help by looking at what he was doing. Thank God nothing happen! If not I would have been the innocent victim at the scene. LOL

I swear i'll never step foot at Thai Bar. The place isn't my cup of tea.

I should have walked away as far as possible. But my legs were still killing me. The guy cooled off and sat back at his place and started scolding his friend. I think he was scolding his friend… hmm…

Reach back home and did some extreme exercise before going to bed. Don’t ask me what exercise but some heavy crazy exercise. (As if you’re going to ask me. I wonder is anyone reading this … hmm…..)

Went to bed just slightly before 5am.

Had to wake up 9.30am the next morning to do some banking. Couldn’t feel my legs. It went numb.
I only got back 80% of it this morning after ‘some’ rest.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

'P' sticker

It does make a different when I stick on the ‘P’ sticker onto the car. People doesn’t honk. They don’t stare at you that much. But you do get people who likes to bully the ‘P’ drivers ones a while. And I manage to drive all the way to work with out the car dying on me. Woo hoo…
Damn! I really do miss being chauffeured around like last time…. Sigh…

It only happened to me today when my leg was giving out on me. This is due to the previous day when we had to reshuffle the sitting position at the office. We had to reposition our sitting place because the new boss wants a closer sitting place for everyone.

New Boss, New Era, and New Style.

Spent the whole afternoon shifting and cleaning up the place. Now the place looks crammed. Everyone is placed in the middle not like before when everyone was at the side. It’s for the better, at least we can communicate with each other better and easier.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005


Got my car since last Wednesday, and ever since then I’ve been driving my self to work. It was a freaking good work out for my heart. I haven’t been driving a manual since I took my driving license. For the first time in my driving life, I was actually afraid to drive. Can you imagine that!. My car at least died once and not to mention being honked everyday while driving to work. Why do drivers like to tail other drivers back on the road!? Don’t they know that the other driver in front might not be so “expert” in driving yet! I finally bought the ‘P’ sticker just to let other drivers that I’m not an ‘expert’ driver yet! The ‘P’ sticker did give me the courage to driver better on the road. I guess it’s a physiology thingy. But what ever it is. It works! And I’m glad that it did.

The 3 days holiday was used to the max. I had my precious sleep, did some intensive work out. Semi spring clean my room and did some bonding with some ‘extra’ special people. But I didn’t manage to paint my room. Hhmmm…. Still thinking about it.

I want more holidays…..