Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Was doing my usual blog reading when I stumble across this.

Dang! I’ve only conquered 1 % of the whole entire world. Yes! The tiny red dots that you can hardly see.
This is sad. Very SAD. VERY VERY SAD….

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I so want to buy a the Canon EOS 20D now…
If only someone would sponsor me some cash. Or by winning the lottery and that’s if I go out and buy one.
LOL… only in my dreams.

Okay, I’ve enrolled myself at True Fitness in Taipan, around my area. Having regrets now. Have to pay another commitment now, but it’s for the best. Health wise.
Been longing to join back the gym for a while now. Since it’s on the way home, all the facilities are provided… so why not.
Swimming once a week isn’t doing much for my health. Gotta boost up my immune system… sick of getting sick…
Yoga, hard core work out. Here I come!!

Oh.. I’ve been told by my coll, that I hardly smile to the cleaning lady.
What the ….. !!?? I smile!! I wish her every morning… and every time I see her around… well, sometimes…. But I smile!!
I’m a friendly person and I smile when I walk around the office, smile my way to the pantry….. even to the loo ….. I SMILE!...
*BIG SMILE* Well, you can’t please everyone…. Can you?

Can anyone out there borrow me a Canon EOS 20D to play around till I get one on my own??...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The past week has been extremely mind-boggling. Due to some problems that was going on with “ someone” and on top of that things were about to change from now onwards to that “ someone”.

KY and I went for a short holiday 2 weeks ago. A day after we came back, we found out that one of our friend’s parents who went to China for holiday had met an accident. Apparently, they were on their way down from one of the hills and the bus break wasn’t working.
His mother didn’t make it. While his dad was in a very critical condition. His left shoulder blade and ribs were broken, his back spine was injured while his right leg was punctured from the bamboo sticks.

Thank god, they manage to bring him back on a private jet. As what I’ve heard, he might not make it if he were to be treated there. There’s a huge/mind-bogling story behind it, but I shall keep it to my dear old self.

On top of that, things in the office were not going to smoothly. Every job was urgent, looking at the bright side, I’ll be getting extra cash this month, thanks to the overtime. Kekeke.

To add it on to my little excitement for the week, the small little ants were back. I hardly eat in the room. Was trying to find where did the ants come from and at the end I decided to do the whole spring-cleaning thingy in the room. I thought that I finally got rid of the pests and would have wonderful beauty sleep during the weekends.
No….. they came back! I’ve cleaned up everything!!.. the sides, the corners, everywhere!!!... And they came back…!...
Been observing the little pests, and I realize that they were coming from outside through the windows in my room. ARGHH…… I shall hunt down the little pests headquarters’, spray and pour down tons of ants’ killer power….

Die you little pests!.... DIE!!!....

Wednesday, March 1, 2006


It’s amazing how sensitive some people can be. How do you please everyone at the same time? Please tell me!?

Back to reflecting what I want to do with my life. Had a conversation with JT yesterday night. She has proposed something to me that was hard to refuse. A chance to travel and venture to the land unknown out of Malaysia. Yes, traveling back and forth, working on A&P stuffs. How can I refuse that? There’s one problem thou, sometimes people then to have to much faith in my capabilities. And I’m afraid that I might just … disappoint them.
I guess I have yet to instill the confidences in me, in the things that I do. Sometimes I wonder what do they see in me that I can’t see in my self.

One question that she did ask me. And I guess reality hasn’t hit me yet. Or has it!???..... hhmm….

“Do you think you can propone your wedding plans? Till you’re 30?”
“hmm… why can’t I get married and do what you’re proposing.?? …” I answered.

“it’s difficult to have long distance relationship…. I don’t believe in long distances relantionships and the traveling that you’ll be doing … and blah blah blah…..”

Hhmmm… I do agree that it’s quite difficult for a married couple to have a long distance relationship… but if it’s meant to be.. then its meant to be…
Don’t you think so?..

Being in a relationship and being married is a totally different story. Marriage is commitment, respect, responsibilities and…… a lot more of those stuffs… kekekeke…

Every action has its consequence…. I do believe that the marriage would work out…
And it’s not like I’ll be doing this forever…. I’ll do it till I’m 30.
Hmm…. That would leave me about 3 more years….