Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Weekend's Lunch

Sunday Lunch by melmok
Sunday Lunch, a photo by melmok on Flickr.
I like!

A whole chicken leg, with steam rice, asparagus and coriander...


chemical free

Once while i would side track from my natural chemical free beauty products.
A girl can't help it when a huge word "SALE" or "Promotional Sets" or "Promotional Offers" appears every where you go.

Last weekend i went to the mall to do some window shopping. Since i was there, and since i've heard and read about a certain product and thought to myself *maybe i should check it out and give it a try*.

It say all natural chemical free, but when i look closely at the ingredients... i found a chemical in it. 

So i have to ask myself.. can i just close one eye with that one particular ingredient?

I found that ewg.org helps a lot.
You'll understand what kinda of chemicals that is used for beauty products and what to avoid.
Basically, i totally avoid
• anything with PEG
• Parabens or anything with the end "-paraben"
• Fragences

I find that EWG CosmeticsGuide is pretty useful. It's a basic guide to let you know what to avoid. i got this from pureskinblog.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Glycerin, Hydrosol, Clay N extra

I've finally gotten my stuffs - glycerin, hydrosols and clays that i've order.

I've been using the hydrosol as a toner every morning because i was feeling really uncomfortable with the alcohol content in the toner. 
I was at the verge of making my own hydrosol few weeks back but then where am i going to get pesticide, chemical free flowers here? hmm..

So i had to replenish my Rose Geranium hydrosol as i ran out of it.
I also got my self Witch Hazel and Helichrysum hydrosol to mix it up and to use it together with my clay mask as well.
Got my self some vegetable gylcerin to use it as a hydrator... 
Let's see how my skin would take it. 

I was presently surprise to find that there's a small little bag of Burts Bee scrub.

At first i though it was a face scrub that maybe i could temporarily replace with my dearest suki face exfoliater. 
but when i google it, i found out that it's a body scrub.

i guess i'll be trying it tonight.