Friday, June 2, 2006

back in malaysia

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It’s been 3 days since I came back from my Indon trip. Had to rush out the report before boss leaves for Egypt.
Honestly, I didn’t really enjoy the trip and i didn't have the mood to take pictures. Probably it was a business trip and it's not a holiday. It was stressful and tiring.

We arrived at Jakarta at about 6.30pm, (Jakarta time) and it was already dark. We went out to the wrong exit and ended up with the locals. It was quite freaky, cos the people there don’t really look pleasant. Some of them approached us and keep asking.

“Mau taksi?”….

We keep on saying no…. and walked away politely. The company driver was at the terminal 1 waiting for us, where else we were at the terminal 2. We called him from the phone service booth and waited for him. We then explained to him that we couldn’t find the exit out when we got our bags and was asked to exit at the terminal 2.

The journey to the hotel took us about 1 and half hours. By the time we arrive at the hotel. It was already 8.30pm. I had a shock when we arrive at the entrance gate of the hotel. Security people were there to check the car, around the car and underneath the car. Metal detector placed at the main entrance to check the bags and us. Yes.. I’ve read their website.. but experiencing it first hand was another thing.

When we check in, I asked the hotel staffs where is the nearest place that we can go and get local food. Guess what he said?

“Nearest and safest…. Place… hmmm…”


He totally freaked me out!, with that word that he had just said.

We ended up going to the hotel café to grab a drink since my dear colleague didn’t want to eat anything. By the time we’re done it was already 10.00pm. Head back up to the hotel room, relax and tried to enjoy the room by my self.

The next day, I woke up by 5.45am. Rush up to get ready and grabbed some breakfast before the driver came to pick us up at 6.30am. Thank god it was already bright, if it were still dark I would have been in my sleepy mood. Arrived at the Indonesian office at 7.15am. Meeting… meeting… meeting…. Then head to the suppliers, by the time we were done with the suppliers, my legs were killing me…. The sun has set and it was time for dinner.

The driver was kind enough to bring us to the local mall. On the way there, my colleague couldn’t take the journey and he puked! Hahahah…. I guess the traffic and the jam plus the way the driver drives made him felf pukey (if there’s such word). After some Soto Ayam, I thought we could go back to the hotel and rest but I was wrong…… My colleague wanted to buy so souvenirs back to his family. Argghh… my feet was already killing me …. And you want to walk evern more!!??
How can I say no to him… Tried to walk, at the end… I told him that I’ll wait for him at the entrance where I can find a place to sit and rest.

I shouldn’t have worn the heels. And it was baby heels!! I guess I’m not a heel-walking GAL. My boss specifically told me that I wasn’t allowed to wear jeans and sneakers.

“Only proper office attire.” He said.

The next morning, I drag my self up after sleeping for 5 hours. My feet were still aching from the day before. I was so tempted to wear my comfortable sneakers out but was afraid that the bosses in Indonesia side would complain about our attire to my boss back home. So fine…. Heels again.

Double made sure that I’ve packed every thing, from yesterday night and checked out. Arrive at the office at 8.00am, slightly later then the day before. Meeting… meeting… meeting again.
Then head to another supplier before lunch. Manage to change to my comfortable sneakers. Kekeke…. Lunch was great compared to the day before where we have canteen food which I could barely sallow. Then it was time to do market research.

As usual, I planned to check in 2 hours before the flight. I was so looking forward to shop around the duty free area. Due to the traffic at Jakarta, we only manage to check in an hour before the flight. What a bummer! By the time we touch down at Malaysia, it was 9.30pm (Malaysian time).
My body was aching and calling for help. I was all tired and can’t wait to get back home to rest.

This trip is stressful, because of the jam, the people and the weather. Over all, it was a paid trip and it was a priceless experience. Muahahhaha…..

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