Friday, January 19, 2007


I knew this day would happen.( I was hoping that it will not….but…)
The day when I find out that I would not be able to go the japan and I had to figure out should I stay or should go. I thought that I could think about it ‘when’ I get back from Japan. But I guess, that day would not happen.

Dang!.. now I can hear my ex coll/ex schoolmate telling me to stop being in denial.
Occasionally, he would ask me when am I going to leave and I would tell him that I’m hoping and wishing that my japan trip would happen and I would think about it when I get back….

The boss has been telling me not to worry and he would be sending me there since last year… but just a few hours ago, the story changed.
I guess things don’t always go as you’ve planned. What a BUMMER!

It’s killing me just trying to figure out should I stay or should I go.
And which line should I be heading to…

Bl**dy h*ll…!…
While writing this…I realize that there’s a lot of these little red ants IN my ibook.
They were ‘attacking’ my bed few months back and now it’s the iBook!
Why ar??

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