Thursday, May 31, 2007


I got a call from my dad.
He calmly asked if I had place my ibook at the same old place that I’ve always put it.

I said yes and asked why?

He confirm with me again to find out whether I’ve taken it to work.
And from there I knew something must have happed.

He then calmly said that our house has been broke in.
The first thing that popped in my mind was my camera that was still under the installment plan payment.
“Is both my cameras still there?”

He couldn’t tell as the place was in a mess and the moment that I hung up. I couldn’t stop swearing.
Surely they/he must have taken the 2 cameras with all the cash and jewelries.

My brand new bag pack that was placed nicely on top of the closet!
My laptop and camera bag which cost me some $$$ would be gone.
My mom’s jewelries.. my jewelries…. Currency notes… cash… credit cards…

I had prepared the worst scenario.

I went back straight in spite of the rain that was pouring down. As I was waiting for the rain to subside..
My imagination went wild on me. The tv, hi-fi, compute…. Everything must have surely been gone. The house would be in a totally mess!!

When I went back home.
Everything in the living room was in place. Went to my parents room, the cloths was all on the floor and bed.
Went to my room, the same thing… Confirm that my iBook was gone.
Surprisingly, both my cameras were still there.
My GOSH! They/he did not take the cameras…

My iBook, my mom’s jewelries, currency notes and cash all gone with the wind.

Apparently my dad left the house at 12.15pm for lunch and came back at 1.00pm
Within 45 mins, the house was broken in.

It’s been 3 days since…
I miss my iBook that has served me well and good for the past 3 years.
The jewelries, that was with the family for 30 over years….
The currency notes, that was suppose to be utilize next year and
the cash, for the household utilities…

May it ‘all’ rest in peace and may the Bl**DY B*S*ARD burn in H*LL!!!

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