Thursday, February 12, 2009

time to change

I realize I’ve been leading a very unhealthy life style.

- the amount of coffee intake
- lack of sleep (weekdays)
- too much of sleep (weekends)
- the amount of candy intake…..

With age catching up… I don’t think it would look to good in the next few years if I don’t do something about it.

I’ve actually bought some exercising gear 5 months ago cos I didn’t want to continue spending RM200++ a month for the gym which I hardly go.
Every time when I make a trip to the gym, the thought of finding a parking space with the jam kills my mood.

6 years ago, I would have continued with my gym routines. My office was just 2 minutes walk from the gym!

Anyway, I told myself that I would utilize what I have bought to the max.
Truly, I was using it everyday!
Only for a month!!
and it’s been sitting there collection dust ever since.

I always tell people that action speaks louder that words… and yet, I don’t practice it..

I kill my self sometimes….


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