Thursday, December 31, 2009

end of 2009

it's 10 hours before 2010.

heck with the celebration and the going throu with the traffic jam.
i guess it's time to reflect back what i've achieve for the past year.

- i totally lost my flickr account password. so there goes updating my "images"
- i've cut down on my "candy" intake
- got more pigmentation spots on my face which made me spend more money on facial product.... : (
- my minor slip disc is back. am trying acupuncture and hope that it will work. will have wait till end of Jan to see if there's any improvement.
- am learning to drink more chinese herbal drink which i hardly drink.
- learn how to take proper studio shoot.
- confirmed that i need a 24-70mm and a flash!. hehehe (should have bought it when i was in HK)
- manage to see some $ at shutterstock after more then 3 years... hahaha
- stop using plastic bags with i shop. it's a habit to carry my own recyclable bags now a days. but i do forget once as well. :D
- ignoring my blog for half a year....


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