Thursday, March 24, 2011

Borderlinx / VPost

I've meant to blog about my purchase with Borderlinx but as usual, i totally forgotten about it.

I thought of trying out another shipping service and found Borderlinx. Saw a few promo that was link with Citibank credit card users.
Signed up with them and started to stock up my Suki products and my ingredients to make my own shampoo.

Yes, i'm making my own shampoo now.. been using it 2-3 times a week. so far so good.

Anyway, as i was about to enter my promo code for Citibank credit card users. the site rejected the code.
*crap!*... the total shipping cost for my purchase was USD47.12
I was counting on the promo code with USD20 rebate to help me out with the cost of the shipping.

You see, i've been using VPost for my shipments and i always take advantage of the promo shipping code to save the extra $$. yes, i'm a cheap skate.

After chatting with Alicia on live chat throu their website.
I found out that i had to register my Borderlinx account directly through the Citibank link in order to be eligible for the promo code.
So i had 30 days to store my packages free of charge before they start charging me USD5 per day.which is a good news, comparing to Vpost.

I googled and googled for other promo codes that i could use.
Finally found the 'First to use it, first to get the discount!'.
Just had to follow them on twitter and be the first to use the promo code.
I was glue to my computer and my twitter updated for a week before i manage to be to be first to use it.

Lesson learn. Always read the fine print....kekeke

It took 4 days to arrive after i made my payment. By DHL i may say.
The main reason i use Borderlinx was because i needed to buy my supplies from different stores and Borderlinx has the consolidate service.
Vpost doesn't have.

Overall, i prefer borderlinx service. it was hassle free.
After purchasing from My packages reached my borderlinx address and all i had to do was pay for the shipping cost.

As for Vpost, i had to email them the invoice and details of my purchases. But the plus point for VPost is that the US address that they have is at Portland, Oregon, which is a tax-free state.
So i'm free from paying tax for my items.

For now i have about 6-7 months supply of suki's facial cleanser.... happy me...


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