Tuesday, May 31, 2011

chemical free

Once while i would side track from my natural chemical free beauty products.
A girl can't help it when a huge word "SALE" or "Promotional Sets" or "Promotional Offers" appears every where you go.

Last weekend i went to the mall to do some window shopping. Since i was there, and since i've heard and read about a certain product and thought to myself *maybe i should check it out and give it a try*.

It say all natural chemical free, but when i look closely at the ingredients... i found a chemical in it. 

So i have to ask myself.. can i just close one eye with that one particular ingredient?

I found that ewg.org helps a lot.
You'll understand what kinda of chemicals that is used for beauty products and what to avoid.
Basically, i totally avoid
• anything with PEG
• Parabens or anything with the end "-paraben"
• Fragences

I find that EWG CosmeticsGuide is pretty useful. It's a basic guide to let you know what to avoid. i got this from pureskinblog.


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