Tuesday, April 12, 2005

trying to be one...

I just realize that I’m a bad matchmaker.
How do u define a good matchmaker? Set them up then leave the rest to nature? Went out yesterday which two friends happen to be single. I had the intention of setting them up in the beginning. But things didn’t go as it was plan. Hmmm… I guess the ‘spark’ wasn’t there for both of them. Neither of them spoke to each other, until I excuse my self to the ladies. They had to, other wise they just have to stare at each other till I come back. Hahaha…. As I was walking back to the table, I saw them talking to each other. Woo hoo…. Score! Do I see ‘sparkles’? Just as I sat down on my seat, the conversation stopped. Damn. I should have walked around instead of going back to the table. It went pretty okay after that. I brought up whatever topic that I can think off. I guess you just have to leave to nature to do its thing.

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