Monday, June 27, 2005

GT Sepang

i want this
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the begining
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the last meal on sunday
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Sunday was super tiring. The gathering time was postponed from 10.00 am to 12.30pm. Thank God!. If I had to wake up by 10am, I would have been a zombie yesterday. I thought I was late since I left right after lunch at about 12.15pm. Speed to Shah Alam and was hoping that I wasn’t the last person to arrive. Especially when my boss is around. To my surprise I was the second person to arrive! So I guess I wasn’t that late. More good news….. boss couldn’t go cos he said that he was having diarrhea and fever. Woo Hoo!... It would have been more boring and tiring if boss were to go. Mental Stress!!...

Walked around before entering gate. There weren’t many things to see to my surprise. I was expecting to see more stuffs… whatever that it may be.

I was excited for the first half hour of the race, then the boredom came in… I want to see car crashing!!. Dammit!!.. Tai Loh couldn’t stand it anymore after the first hour and decided to walk around and check out the grand arena stand area.
Timing was right, they begun to allow people to go in. Woo hoo again… Went down and another session of walking under the sun… woo hoo…. sun tan….

The sound of the car racing was killing me slowly. Walked till the end of the grandstand area. 1 car flew by… no problem… the 2nd and 3rd came… wow!... I could feel that my ear drum was about to pop right out. I couldn’t take it… Told my self that I at least have to take a couple of pics before I leave. Some came out pretty bad… Earplugs would have helped. Walking back to the exit was freaking far, plus the sound of the GT race. I wanna take more pics!!! Before I knew it, the race was about to finish, went up the seating area, trying to find a spot to take a stand and watch. The next thing I know, the race ended. Who’s the winner? I have no freaking idea. I was glad that it ended. I just couldn’t take to noise anymore… People started climbing down from the seats rushing down to the finishing line. My jaw dropped and the first thing I asked Yap is “Can they do that?” I wonder how they manage to get back up .. hmm....

Apparently anything is possible for Malaysian… yeah… Malaysia boleh!

My legs are killing me right now… I didn’t realize it until I drove to TGIF for the last session of the day. It was an experience. Good excise and sun tanning session.

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