Friday, June 17, 2005

yasmin ahmad

I finally met the mother of advertising. Well, actually I just saw her. Face to face.
It’s funny how a women like that can come out with all these ideas that works so well..
We were like 5 cm apart. She was in a hurry to attend the Japanese Film Festival in GSC, Mid valley. I was queuing up to get the freaking Batman Return.
“Excuse me, Sir.” she said.
That was because KY was in her way.

I so wanted to say Hi and congrats her on her winning and tell her that she’s done a great job and keep on doing what she’s doing…

She was in a hurry so I’ll spare the embrasement on both sides. Imagine that you’re rushing to so somewhere and out of nowhere this girl comes up and telling you what you’ve heard millions of times before.

Anyway, Tail Loh has bought the GP tickets. Woo hoo … can’t wait for the day. It would be my first time going the ‘Se Pang”. Sunny sun, here I come! Woo hoo….

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