Wednesday, August 10, 2005

wish list

My wish list for the end of the year:
IPod Photo and a New Cell Phone.
That’s it!

Preferably a phone that can isync to my ibook. Not a big fan of a camera phone. Why do you need a camera phone when you a real camera? Some night say that it could be useful when you come across something and you wanna take a pic of it.. But then again.. it’s not like you can do much with the pic that is taken with you .5 mega pixel or the highest 2.0 mega pixel camera phone.

The friendship thingy is in my head lately. What makes a good friendship last anyway?
Tender loving care

Basically, it’s like having a relationship with another person. Don’t you think?
Minus the physical part. Some friends are meant to last for ever and some are just….there.

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