Thursday, August 18, 2005


Have you ever feel that you need to compete with your colleague just to come out with something better and nicer just to impress the boss?
I have not, till now. I feel that he wants to show the boss that he can do a better job that me. I was clear of my job scope from the very beginning when this dear company hired me.
But ever since, “my” senior colleague got a promotion. He begins to take over what I was hired for. It made me question what am I here for. If he’s doing all the things that I’m suppose to do. What am I here for? It all begins when he was just there to help me out when I have too much work to do. But then slowly, he started to do all the stuffs that I’m suppose to do. Except for the things that he has no interest at.

It made me question my decision the other day. I was offered to go back to my old company. I rejected the offer. 500RM more then what I’m earning now plus 1 month bonus. Where else, I’m getting 2 months bonus here, yearly increment, paid over time plus a change to travel to Japan.
Anyway, talking about my old company. Back to publishing. Back to the wee working hours, no life and high stressful life. I had my share of suffering in this rat race. Of all the complains, there are some happy, cheerful and enjoying moments from there. I miss the people, working environment and the place, everything. Except the working management style and the pay! Every time when I think about going back there, flash backs hits me. I think I had a mental breakdown a few times. I broke down and cried. I don’t want that again… Do I? noooo……

What I have now is a fix time. Even thou, I have to work over time, I’m well paid here. Coming back on weekends to work!. Yeah sure! I get paid double/ triple!!. I haven’t done that yet. tee hee hee….. I get to travel. *Hopefully* So far I’ve only been to Penang. But I’m praying and hoping Japan would be the next destination.

Okay.. back to my colleague. I guess if he wants to compete. I’ll give him something to compete.!

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