Monday, December 5, 2005

stress out

I’ve been having all this shity feeling for the pass few weeks.
Due to work I suppose. Or it’s the end of the year thingy.
I do realize that every end of the year I’m either all hyper up or feeling really shity.
This year is a shity year I suppose.
Have you ever feel that some times you do things for the sake of obligation? You never agreed to do it in the first place but they always assume that you’re the one who will be doing it. Why so? Just because they want you to do it, Or probably I should have just voice out. I have no interest in doing it so leave me alone! I want to enjoy the last few weeks of the year! I wanna feel shity, drink loads of liquor and reflect back what I’ve achieve for the past year like every other year! I don’t want to be all stress out on these works…. Sigh.. If only… I need a good massage by end of this year. Do or die thing!


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MelisaMok said...

ouh.. my first and only reader... kekeke... Nice meeting you Mr.Park Ranger....