Thursday, November 10, 2005


Currently listening to The Cardigans on my discman. The office is freaking quite. Everyone seems to be so stress out. I need MUSIC!

The Cardigans brings back old memories every time when I listen to them. Ah… The first guy that I really like. For who he is and who he’s not. I wonder what has he been up too for the past few years. Never really gotten a chance to meet him after graduation. Or I’m just plain lazy to call him. Kekeke… I wonder has his number been changed??
Silly things that you do when you’re young, innocent and when you think that you’re in love. Well, I always believe everything is an experience! Regardless it’s good or bad. Hey! This is what you call live life the fullest!

That brings me to next subject. Why can’t I have an ‘ex’ who can still friends with me. Talk to me, chat, update each other on what’s happening in out lives even thou we’re still not together anymore. I wonder. It’s weird to hear stuffs from other people, on the happening of an ‘ex’. Don’t get me wrong, not that I still have feelings nor I’m jealous. I just find it peculiar and it’s sad that it has to be this way. Well, at least I still have updates about him or vise versa throu a middle person. LOL

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