Tuesday, May 2, 2006

crazy weekend

I’m a Swedish Girl
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The weekend was a blast. Liz came up from Singapore. Suppose to go clubbing on Friday night but instead we hanged out at the hotel room and drank. We were acting crazy as if we had loads of liquor. And the thing is, we only had a glass of Malibu. When she’s around, everyone will laugh their heads out, weather they like it or not.

Saturday was another fulfilled day, thou I did regret cutting my hair.
Told Liz about Shawn’s style the day before and the girls decide to go to Peek A Boo to try out Shawn. As usual, he’s appointment is always full so we decide to go straight and check out weather he would be able to slot Liz in. Went to the shop at Taman Tun, and was disappointed to know that Shawn was in The Curve! Where we came from!!,,,, Bloody hell!!.....

“Since when he’s there?” I asked.
“Only until end of this month.”.. the girl said.

Ish Ish… that is what u get when u don’t call first.
So we decide to go treading first in Bangsar. Had Lunch then head back to the Curve.

“Shawn is fully booked. You mind trying someone else?”.. the girl behind the counter asked.

Since Liz was fine trying out someone else … JT just wanted to trim her hair…
Fine… trying to be adventures… I said okay without knowing who the hair stylist is going to be.

It’s been a while since I’ve let anyone touch my hair. Ever since I’ve tried out Shawn years back. I like his style and I trust him. Trust is very important when it comes to hair. They have to know what they are doing. How to improvise the hairstyle, to the look of the person.

The out come of my hair was not what I’ve expected!. It reminded me when my hair was growing from my dare daring shaving experience years back. Arrgghh...

Later in the night we head up to Friendster for dinner and shooting. Bastard was totally wasted at Pang’s bachelor night. Took a few pics while he was puking. Yuckss!! I can’t believe that I manage to snap it…. It totally gross me out when his ‘tap’ started pouring.

worshiping the toilet bowl
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Liz did some crazy things to him when he was dropped dead. If only I can share the video clips…. LOL…

We left both of them in the hotel room and only God knows what happened after that!

We head down to Johor the next afternoon to shoot the bride’s side. Took and day trip cos there’s nothing much to do down there. Reach home at 4.30am. I’m getting sick of Johor and the journey there. Gosh, and I need to head down there in 2 weeks time again. HELP…….

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