Thursday, May 18, 2006

my first trip

Finally got a chance to go on a business trip. A trip that is paid by the company.... No worries on or transportation.... Woo hoo….
Not that I’m complaining about the place that I’m about to adjourn in a weeks time.
But my first business trip to overseas, is to some INDUSTRIAL area at Jakarta Timur. I thought I would be stuck at the industrial area for nights. Lucky me, they have put us at the center of Jakarta. I think.
An hour or so from the PuloGadung.

But the ‘advices’ that I’ve been getting has not been very appealing..

“ Don’t go out at night alone.”
“ Don’t walk around alone. ”
“ Don’t do this…..”
“ Don’t do that….. “

Fine.. I thought to my self. Just stay close to my coll. Checked out the place that we were going to stay and this is what I found this on the hotel site…

-- Every precaution to safeguard our guests’ safety has been taken in conjunction with advice from leading security consultants.

Concrete barriers have been strategically placed on the driveway to slow vehicles and guests pass through a further security check and metal detector before entering the lobby. Lobby windows have been equipped with protective film.

Perimeter security, car park, employee and goods entrances are all monitored 24 hours and CCTV covers 32 points throughout the hote

Is it that bad there ??…… Now I’m freaked out….

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