Wednesday, July 5, 2006


It sucks at work when you have to key in your id number + password every time when you want to log in to any web sites! Now I have to stare at the monitor when I have nothing to do or when I’m brain dead.

On the other hand, I’m going to another ‘business trip’. Singapore this time. Was suppose to go to Philippines, but my manager went on behalf of the graphic team. Going to Singapore at this time gives me more excuse to spend more. Cos it’s the Singapore Great Sale! I shall only spend necessary. And I shall remind myself every time when I pass by the malls and shops, that I’ll only spend on necessary stuffs… Things that I can’t get in Malaysia and probably just some nice tops …. And maybe a pair of shoe and a nice sandal to replace my torn Reef sandal… birthday present for KY. Arghh.!!!.. It has started… my list… of ‘Things To Buy’. No… no… no…

I shall control my self and have some financial discipline!.. I doubt that I would have the time and spirit to shop since the only reason that I’m going there is to do market survey on the booths and design stuffs there. Meetings and store visits the whole day.

I got the confirmation on the reservation of the hotel yesterday. The booking was done on the SG side. All I had to do was to let them know what time I’ll be arriving at the airport. I got a shock when I receive the reservation letter from SG. The cheapest room in the hotel has been all fully taken. And the second cheapest room cost SG$ 215.00!! Not including the taxes, service charge and GST. That would be RM495 a night.


Instantly, I felt really remorseful. I emailed SG side and asked them to recommend another alternative hotel to stay in.

“Slightly cheaper”.. I said. “It might be slight over the budget”…..

I ‘reported’ the hotel issue to my boss. Asked him if there’s any limitation on the hotel stay. Told him about the charges and I wouldn’t mind to look for another cheaper hotel on my own since the SG side is busy preparing for the budget meeting. Shockingly and I’m still in SHOCK… that he say GO AHEAD.

“Please stay in a nice hotel. You would be tired at the end of the day and I would like you to have a good rest…”

My jaw practically dropped and my eye was about to pop out! (Even though my eyes are really small)

“While I was on business trip in America….. blahh blahh blahh…. The subsidiary company “XXXXX” in America, arrange a very nice and expensive hotel for me…. Blah blah blah….” he continued. Still felt guilty after hearing his approval.

I had to email SG side again to tell her to ignore my previous mail cos my boss said it was okay to stay at that hotel. She must think that I’m pretty troublesome. Oh well…

I AM still feeling bad about it. About the RM495 per room thingy!
There goes the year-end bonus. Apparently, my colleagues told me that this company tends to give you less bonus at the end of the year if you’re given the chance to travel. They would use this as an excuse.

Is that common in other companies?

I shall enjoy it for now then…

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