Tuesday, July 11, 2006

SG trip

The last time I went touring in SG was when I was 12years old. Evers since then it was always walking along the Orchard Road.

Finally, I manage to walk around other parts of Singapore other then The Orchard Road.

The flight was supposed to be at 8.15am. Due to the traffic in the air, the flight was delayed for 50 mins. Wait and wait and wait for the plane to take off.
Finally reached SG at about 10am. Was trying to find ways to call Em from SG to inform her about the flight delayed. Messages from Maxis keeps beeping in, informing me how to call and sms back home but nothing on calling a SG telephone line. What the !!??

Luckily, the nice taxi driver was kind enough to lend me his hp to call Em. Reported in with an apology and then headed to the store visit ‘trip’. Walked walked… and walked.

By the time it ended, it was already 6.00pm. Checked in to the hotel at 6.30. My legs were tired. All I needed was a good shower. Didn’t really felt like walking anymore but I had set a meeting with Foon earlier on. On top of that my dear ‘yee ma’ has arrive on the very same day I landed. Bloody hell. Why now!?!

When I checked in to the hotel, they told me that someone would bring me up to register.
……Wah…. they have some kind of hi-tech door key that they need to register into before I can actually get into the room. …..

The traffic at the lift area was freaking long…. Due to some function that was going on. Some association has occupied about 100 over rooms for the function.
Wait wait wait…. Door lif open…. But pack of humans…
Wait wait wait…. Again another door lif open…
Damn! More humans!!

I was about to suggest to the lady who was responsible to take me up to my room to walk up .. work out some fats…. When I found out that my room was located on the 33rd floor. OKAY.. bye bye walking up stairs…

Wait wait wait… and finally 1 of the lifts was available to the poor restless humans waiting at the ground floor.

All I could think of is takeing of those heels and rest my feet…. Take a long shower…… and lye down before meeting up with Foon…………..

When the door lifts open, there were 3 people, smiling and welcoming me. A glass of juice and a towel was on the table.
‘Welcome Ms. Mok”
“How was your flight, Ms. Mok”
“Please take a sit Ms.Mok”

ARgghhh!! I just want to go to my room!!!......

“Firstly we would like to welcome you to Pan Pacific…. Blahh blahh blahhh…….”

First I heard something about special rate… then $315 SG dollar… then free upgraded room…. then with balcony view….

I started to panic, just tell me that the room rate is the same price.*panic* *panic*
“Can I confirm with you again, what’s the room rate for tonight?” I asked.

“Oh Ms. Mok, it is still the same SG$215.00”….


then blah blahh blah…… from them again. I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying.

“Let me bring you to the room” one of the lady said.

For the first time, I have a brief throu on a room.
Where’s where. What kinda of service they provide.
Mini bar is complimentary, fruits is complimentary, tea break is served from 3.00 - 5or 6 I think, cocktails is served from 6.30-8plus… and from 8plus – 10.00 is liquar… at the privilege lounge.

“Oouuhh… NICE” I thought to myself… FREE LIQUAR!!..... but then it’s either free drink or dinner with foon.. hmm… Thank god that I didn’t had the mood for drinks… if not, I would have beaten my self up… hahhaha timing.. timing… timing..

Met up with Foon for dinner. Walked around Marina Square, Raffles Mall and then head to Chijmes for some drinks…

chapel II
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By the time I got back to the hotel, it was already almost 12. Grabbed a few snacks from the privilege lounge, head back to the room and took a longggg nice shower.

The next morning, I was so tempted to just relax at the hotel room until I really had to check out. But I manage to drag my self to walk around Esplanade. Took some pictures… and by the time I was finish. It was time to check out. Stuffed everything that I could in the backpack and head off to Takashimaya to check out the bookstore.

Walked around without any problems. But by 3pm… my shoulders were aching… I guess I have to forget about my backpacking trip in future.

Asked around if I could make it to the airport by 6.00 if I were to take a cab from Takashimaya at 5plus…. And everyone told me that I should leave before 5 cos, it would be a problem to catch a cab at that hour with the heavy ‘human’ traffic.

Finally max my self up till 4.30 and took a cab to the airport.
My whole body was numb with all the carrying and walking. Checked out the Duty free mall at the Changi Airport with the trolley ……. Ahh……Heaven on my shoulders….

Carrying the backpack wasn’t such a bad idea, even thou it gave a bad shoulder ache, but it stopped me from buying unnecessary things and spending less.
I only bought a pair of sandal for KY and I.

I wish I could stay longer in the hotel. The service was wonderful. I guess I would have to wait for another opportunity to stay in a privilege room like that.

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