Tuesday, August 22, 2006


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I miss the villa that we stayed at in Phuket. It turns out that the villa that we’re paid for had some problems with the swimming pool. So the owner( i think) placed us at a nicer villa, which we wanted in the first place! The reason that we didn’t take the nicer villa was because of the $$$. It cost double of the place that we’ve paid for.

Mostly of us was looking forward to come back with perfect suntan but unfortunately we only manage ‘suntan’ on the first day that we arrived. Boo hooo…
Not a right time to go to an island during raining season…
blame it on IanLCC and Elayne. Why do their birthdays have to fall on the raining season? Sob sob sob…. Or probably why Phuket at this time!!??

But the villa made it all enjoyable..... (sigh.. i miss the place...)

Anyways, had a balance of fun from both groups…
Got pissed ‘high’ from alcohol. (from the drinking group)
Had my first Thai massage. (from the spa/massage group)

Yup… 2 groups…. 1 group who likes massages and the other who hates it. And I’m in between. I only like massages when I really need it.

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