Thursday, November 23, 2006

i need a cure

Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me… in Health wise that is!

Even thou I love extreme sports … I can’t do it, or as much or as religiously as I want to.

Because I’ve manage to injure myself once in a while without knowing what’s the cause of it. And that stops me from doing all the things that I wanna do… and getting sick at least once a month is not fun. Even thou it’s just the flu or cold or fever.

It all happened when I was 14.
I injured my spine and got my self a slight slipped disc on my lower back.
The pain was unbearable. Till now I still do get a slight pain on and off when I do not sit or stand properly.

There goes no diving, no surfing, bungie jumping, no backpacking….

Then another ‘somehow’ I manage to injure (twisted) my wrist.

As years pass by, one day while walking on the streets…
I MANAGE to fracture my toe bone!!
Don’t ask me how I did I. But I did it.
I fractured my right Big Toe Bone! I had to use the crutches for a month and i had to stay home practically every day. I had to make sure that the places that I go to don’t have much stairs. Imagine walking down the stairs and the only thing that you can depend on is the crutches that you’re using and the person next to you.
I remembered my lesson.
Went to watch a movie Summit. Why Summit? Cos it was near my place… so instead of all the hassle of walking around in a pack shopping mall. We decided to go where there weren’t much people. The moment we bought the tickets and took a glimpse of the entrance…. I realize that I was going to be in big trouble. The cinema was at the 3rd floor and the only way to get up is throu 3 escalators. And on top of that… our seats was on the top!! * SLAP my self *
If you’ve been to the Summit GSC then you would know how many steps there is in that THX cinema. Climbing that stairs up to our seat took me ages. I felt like a 80 year old grandma!

Then I realize that there isn’t much facilities provided for handicap people. Why huh?
These people deserve to enjoy and experience a good movie at the cinema!!

And now…. My right wrist.
There’s a lump that looks like a bone which is jutting out.
Yes! It hurts… if you wanna know.
Went to the doc the other day cos of my bad flu. I asked him if it was normal to have this lumpy thingy on my wrist.

“ You have to go to an Xray and then we would know what is wrong? It might be a cyst.”

A CYCST !!!!
You gotta be kidding me!!

“Come back next week and I’ll write you letter for an XRay”
The thing is that, when he said it. He sounded so calm! Which is good. Cos it might not be a cyst. He might just want to inform me that IT MIGHT be….
But then again, if you’re not even sure…don’t say it’s a cyst! You are bloody freaking out your patients for no reason.

I’m freaking as day goes by with the slight pain on the wrist increases in and out… I guess I just have to no worry so much about it until i go get an Xray next.

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