Thursday, November 9, 2006

weird but true

Home used to be the safest place for me until now.
On Monday, my house kena bang.

YES! Until yesterday, i found it funny to tell friends that my house kena bang.

Most of them would ask the same thing.
Huh!? What you mean kena bang?

YES! Thru the gate, to the grills on the sliding door panel.
The glasses on the door panel were all shatter on the floor.

While waiting for my dad to come back from the police station, my mom couldn’t take it anymore. She went to my neighbor’s place to find out what had happed to our house.

The driver and the passenger were high on drugs and some how or rather they managed to slam their car into my house.
No one was at home at that time. Thank God!

They panicked and drove off.
The funny thing is that they came back with some stitches on the passenger’s head.
(They must have gone to the clinic near by)
They came back because the driver dropped his handphone.
Haii yorr….

This time the car died on the spot. Panicked again.
They ran on foot.

A Singh couple and an Indian guy came by at 7 plus. Brother and sister with their car repair man.

They came back hoping to get the car started. On top of that, he was hoping to recover back his door panel that somehow or rather came off when the incidents happen.

Trying to figure out who and what the hell actually happened. He claimed that his two friends drove the car. And the car belongs to his girlfriend. He couldn't give his handphone number because he claim that his handphone and wallet is missing as well.
He then claimed that he has made a police report. But when my dad came back from the police station, he said that he would go make a police report.
What the!!??? Something doesn’t seem right.

They went off after finding out that they couldn’t get the car started at all.

The car was toll in the middle of the night and my dad managed to get the address of the workshop of the toll truck service. The next day, the adjuster came by to the house to take pictures. They went to the workshop and took some pictures of the car as well.
The Singh and the car owner, which was his girlfriend was there as well.
In the end, he confessed that he was the driver. And on top of that, he was driving without license.
Guess whom he confessed to? He confessed to the adjuster!!

Thank god that my dad bought an insurance for the house. If not then…
And Thank God that no one was injured!
The only problem that I’m worried about is our safety.

The passenger from the car incident came by to our house yesterday night. Stoned high!
Sat down in front of our door, asking for his friend. (the driver) Sat down for a whole 40 minutes. Didn’t want to leave, keep asking for his friend. He then gave up asking for his friend, and then asked for money to go back home!
2 minutes before the drug police came…he left the scene.

From all the incident, I found out something new.

When you have a drug addict hanging around your house, don’t call the Police.
Cos they wouldn’t be able to help you. * shock *
It’s not under their control. It’s under the drug center’s department.

The last time I remember when I was about 7-9 years old, still staying at my old house in PJ. A drug addict came to our house and started hanging out in front of the door. He kept asking for money, when my mom ignored him, he started banging the grill door. It really freaked my mother out. Being a kid at that age, I didn’t really know what was going on. All I could remember was, he wore a torn shirt and pants. Looking all dirty.

I really wish the world we would be a safer place for our children.


Loctor Mayat said...

ha ha ha ha... a little bit funny but glad that no one is hurt

MelisaMok said...

eiks.. mr.mayat.... how you found this blog ah?

well, actually someone got hurt. A lady got a cut on her head from something that flew off from the car when it happened.

Loctor Mayat said...

Haha.. I browse around... and found your blog loh :D

Pity the lady though :P

keep blogging ya? ;)