Tuesday, June 3, 2008

tak dapat rock, ada sikit shop & have to recover

Finally the card has arrived after 46days. And less then a week, the 1grand has been used up. *Gone * phoff ** sighhh….

I always wonder what I would do I’ve win 1k and I thought that it would last me quite a while. I guess I was wrong! Our money is so small….!!

I was really bump out cos I was really hoping to win the ‘rock, shop and recovery’ trip.
Just imagine… going to Japan again! This time, it’s not for work but for the FUJI ROCK Festival..!! then shop your heads off in Bangkok!!... On top of that, you get to go Bali for some sun and relaxation!!!!...
Isn’t that a dream vacation? And I really need a vacation!!
Did I mention that it was all paid for!!... arrgghh…

Anyway, there were 5 of us.
We had to go through 3 rounds. I was ‘kinda’ rocking in the 1st round.
We had to get the most points to stay for the next round by guessing some rock songs and playing the electric guitar XBOX thingy.

So there were 4 of us left.
When it came to the 2nd round I had high hopes for making throu…
When we found out what we had to do for the 2nd round. I almost killed myself.
You know why!!??
Cos for the passed few days, my department had to shift places in the office… with all the shifting and moving… my body was aching and my body was trying to recover from the so call ‘intensive work out’.

Next thing I knew, we had to get to the bowling area, ice skating area and Tropicana shop area to locate the Hitz ppl. Answer a question from all those 3 places and write it down.
Who ever that gets back the fastest will go the 3rd and final round.

The moment they press the horn, everyone ran as fast as they could.
I ran as fast as I could to the skating area. Before I could reach. My legs were giving up on me. I was cursing the freaking moving and shifting of my new office place. We knew we had to shift way back since months ago. Of all the time to start shifting. It had to be few days before the day when I get to win my dream vacation!!

“why wanna shift before this event. I haven’t recover from my aching and soaring of my muscles lehh… “
“stupid shifting”
At the end, I drag myself from one corner to another.

I was the 3rd to arrive back to the stage and I thought I have made it to the final stage! But noo……..
I guess I was too engross strategizing which area to run first, when they announced the last 2 contestants to arrive back to the stage will be eliminated.

Gone* phoofff** my dream vacation all gone… down the drain.. Together with my legs.
It took me almost 2 weeks to recover from my muscle torn.

But over all….it was an experience.

Thanks to Alliance Credit Card and Hitz!!


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