Wednesday, June 18, 2008

sms contest

I am officially addicted to all this sms contest!
I started when I saw a promo ad on tv. I was bored, so I started sms-ing,
When I released that it cost RM1 for each sms, I stopped.
Wahl au ehh.... Have to answer 5 questions leh... then another 1 sms to tell you what is your score. About RM7 gone *phoof not including the standard chargers for normal.

I gave up after the 3rd question.
Weeks later, I got a call saying that I’ve won a t-shirt.
Wah….. So easy…. Answer 3 questions and *I think I got 1 answer correctly* and I won a T-Shirt. Kekeke…
But I didn’t bother going to the place to collect the t-shirt.

A month later… I saw another sms contest. 1st prize is a trip to the land down under.
Out of boredem, again I started to sms to the contest.
Mana tau, I tembak all the questions and I got all correct. Wah.. shiok lar…
*can win wor like that… I decided to “invest” RM60 to see if I can win this trip….
I continued to sms, checking my rank now and then…
Next thing I knew, I’ve spent about RM80+ for :
a cap
movie stills
and 4 movie passes that I can only use after 2 weeks from the day they start showing in the cinema.

Now, there’s another contest going on… I thought it’s ok to invest another RM60.
This time it has gone too far… I kept on sms-ing rounds after rounds… topping up my credit… without realizing myself, I’ve been sms-ing 1 round after another…
Knowing that I’m lack of fund this month… and I will have to eat bread until next month…. I still can’t help myself. Telling myself that I will have to stop these sms ing right after the next round. But the next rounds came after another next rounds….
In total I’ve spent about RM200

Conclusion is…..
Unless you are willing to fork out RM500 or more, you might as well forget about the whole idea of winning the 1st prize trip.

I’m just wondering how much did the winner “invested” in that sms contest. Hhmmm……


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