Tuesday, May 19, 2009

cooking bug

I’ve been surfing at food sites for the past couple of weeks and I found this wonderful site FoodBuzz. I have not “contributed” any recipes on my own yet, but I did found loads of recipes to play with during the weekends.

semi burned oatbar

Was exploring the site, looking at food blogs and wah lah! Found this wonderful and easy recipe to replace my weekly purchase of the oatmeal bar with Dulce de Leche & Oat Apple Bars.

I’ve been trying to find alternative ways to replace my daily emergency snacks.

Been buying this ‘oatmeal bar’, which cost me about RM10 every week to temporally fulfill my hungry while being stuck in the jam.

Since I have these urges to cook, I made my own snacks.

I didn’t manage to snap any pics but one thing for sure.

It taste really good. So, instead of keeping it for this week, it became my teatime meal for that day!


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