Sunday, June 26, 2011

using soapnuts

soapnuts - soapberries by melmok
photo by melmok
I was at Tropicana Mall recently and stumble upon to another alternative for natural detergent.
I can use it while waiting for my fruit enzyme to ferment.
It's soapnut / soapberries!!
These little things are from berries grown in india and nepal. (i could have walked pass these little things without realizing it in india.. argh..)

I was told that it has been used for centuries ago. the soapiness or the saponin is from the shell of the berries.
So far i've been using it for my laundry and as hand wash liquid as well.
I just put 6-8 berries in a muslin bag. (my 500pc of muslin bags have a purpose now....) i do 2 rounds of laundry with it. After that i soak them to use as hand wash.
Once the soapberries turn into pale colour i just put it in the garden for it to compose.
Easy Peasy...

i was told by the lady who sold this berries that if you have sensitive skin, doing laundry with these berries can help as these soapnuts have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbia properties.
Basically what the fruit enzyme cleaner can do, these little soapnuts can do as well.

The difference is just the $$$...
Fruit enzyme cleaner = FREE = 3 months to ferment
Soapnuts / soapberries = 200gm/RM12 = on the spot


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