Monday, January 30, 2012


The chinese new year celebration is almost half way through.
The past few weeks has been tiring. The accumulation of activities from weeks before till the 2nd day of CNY was a very good physical exercise.

Was suppose to join my parents and uncle for the chinese new year reunion dinner at a local restaurant in town. After some thoughts, I decided to cook at home.
Pass some invitations out and only my parents excepted it. less men more share then....

Started my food preparation 3 days before!!...
LOL..... Only for the sea cucumber.
Had to soak the dried sea cucumber days before it can be cook.
This little sea creatures double it's size from 2.5 inch to a 4.5 inch long spongy weird looking creature.

dried sea cucumber by melmok
a photo by melmok

after 3 days by melmok
a photo by melmok
I don't like how it looks but i love eating them, especially since I found out that sea cucumber help with thyroid cases as well.

All the dishes came out good. It wasn't perfect, but good.
cny dinner by melmok
a photo by melmok

• braised mushroom with sea cucumber, fish maw, abalone and gingko
• steam pomfret fish
• stir fried veg
• steam prawns with dong quai and wolf berries
• lotus pork bone soup


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