Monday, March 12, 2012


Made Thai Curry dish during the weekend.
I had all the basic ingredients, and I wanted to use up the coconut milk that I bought weeks ago.
I was contemplating either Thai Curry or our normal Curry with coconut milk.

At the end, I decided to make Thai Curry.
I skipped a few ingredients and it turned out pretty ok. Well, at least the 'mr' said it was good.
I didn't have any tomato ketchup but I substitute it with a whole tomato. Same with the ground coriander, I replace it with fresh ones.
I wasn't too sure if the thai chili paste is the same as the thai chili sauce at that point of time. At the end, i found out it's different. LOL...

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I was having trouble with the blender, at the end I didn't manage to blend the whole lot to a paste.
My patiences ran out, so I just fried the whole lot and added my veggies and fish in the end before serving.

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