Tuesday, September 13, 2005

sick of losing my specs

Okay…..now I’m sick of making another specs. There goes my plan of clearing off my credit card debts. My wonderful spectacle is broken!!....
Due to a wonderful time I had on Sat night.
We had BBQ dinner for Seok’s birthday and the September babies at Dave’s house. I didn’t realize that I lost it until I had to puke on the way back.

Note to self : no more drinking till puking!

I hate that feeling. My head was spinning like hell. Had to force my self to open my eyes. The moment I close my eyes, the feeling of puking was even stronger. Just when I thought that everything was about to come out. Air came out instead. Had a few stops on the way back. More air came out and plus, probably a quarter of my dinner was out too.

The food was great! We had mussels, lamb, dory fish, pork ribs, chicken and squids…. Oh.. and pasta! Chern’s wonderful pasta! Yum yum … just thinking about it.

But my specs!!..... *sob sob sob*

pics @ http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/melmmc/album?.dir=/62eb&.src=ph&.tok=phwNTnDB2EJcltpf

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