Thursday, October 27, 2005

things to do

Next would be full non working day for me.. woo hoo….. so many days yet so little time.
List of things to do:
1. go see Doctor Chu
2. get my teeth clean
3. get my passport renew
4. get my hair cut

Monday and Wednesday is a working day. The rest of the weekday is a public holiday… which means most of the clinic, dentist and the government sector is close. Getting my passport renew would take me half a day. Then off to see Doc Chu. By the time I’m done with doc chu, the dentist would be closed. Not to mention that I’m lacking of cash. Kekeke… getting my hair cut done would take me half day. Getting an appointment with shawn is not easy. Trust me! It’s always fully book. The availability would be weeks ahead. And not forgetting that I’m running of cash. What to do first!?? With the limited of cash in my hands.
Dentist?? Or my hair!?? Hhmm…..
I haven’t had my hair done since…. Hmmm…. Since early of this year. It’s getting longer and it’s irritating me … and I’m bored with this long hair of mind. Need my short hair back!!

Come to think of it… I haven’t clean my teeth since last year.. ewwww…..
Decisions?? Decisions…??

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