Friday, February 17, 2006

surfing bug

My surfing bug has hit me again. Yes, tried it and love it. Tried it during collage time with an ex. Stopped it after breaking up with him… hahaha..
Was not really good at it anyway. But I like the rush and excitement when you’re on the board. Everything seems possible at that time.

It hit me again, when I met up with an old friend recently and every time we meet up, he would tell me where he’s gone surfing and his trips. Every time that happens, I would enviously listen to his stories and deep down inside I wish I could have his passion for surfing to travel around Malaysia to go surfing every weekend.
I love traveling … and I love surfing. But I can’t afford to do that every other week due to financial situation. You know what I mean? I live in a city, and traveling to the nearest surf able beach here takes about 3-4 hours drive. I know it’s just an excuse! I could always follow dear ‘ hard core surfer dude’ every week… I guess what I’m afraid is that when I do take it up, I’ll be hook to it again. That would be hell of a one sport to give up.
And on top of that I want some girlfriends to do this with me… !!!
For now I guess I just have to day dream about it…..

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