Wednesday, March 1, 2006


It’s amazing how sensitive some people can be. How do you please everyone at the same time? Please tell me!?

Back to reflecting what I want to do with my life. Had a conversation with JT yesterday night. She has proposed something to me that was hard to refuse. A chance to travel and venture to the land unknown out of Malaysia. Yes, traveling back and forth, working on A&P stuffs. How can I refuse that? There’s one problem thou, sometimes people then to have to much faith in my capabilities. And I’m afraid that I might just … disappoint them.
I guess I have yet to instill the confidences in me, in the things that I do. Sometimes I wonder what do they see in me that I can’t see in my self.

One question that she did ask me. And I guess reality hasn’t hit me yet. Or has it!???..... hhmm….

“Do you think you can propone your wedding plans? Till you’re 30?”
“hmm… why can’t I get married and do what you’re proposing.?? …” I answered.

“it’s difficult to have long distance relationship…. I don’t believe in long distances relantionships and the traveling that you’ll be doing … and blah blah blah…..”

Hhmmm… I do agree that it’s quite difficult for a married couple to have a long distance relationship… but if it’s meant to be.. then its meant to be…
Don’t you think so?..

Being in a relationship and being married is a totally different story. Marriage is commitment, respect, responsibilities and…… a lot more of those stuffs… kekekeke…

Every action has its consequence…. I do believe that the marriage would work out…
And it’s not like I’ll be doing this forever…. I’ll do it till I’m 30.
Hmm…. That would leave me about 3 more years….

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