Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I so want to buy a the Canon EOS 20D now…
If only someone would sponsor me some cash. Or by winning the lottery and that’s if I go out and buy one.
LOL… only in my dreams.

Okay, I’ve enrolled myself at True Fitness in Taipan, around my area. Having regrets now. Have to pay another commitment now, but it’s for the best. Health wise.
Been longing to join back the gym for a while now. Since it’s on the way home, all the facilities are provided… so why not.
Swimming once a week isn’t doing much for my health. Gotta boost up my immune system… sick of getting sick…
Yoga, hard core work out. Here I come!!

Oh.. I’ve been told by my coll, that I hardly smile to the cleaning lady.
What the ….. !!?? I smile!! I wish her every morning… and every time I see her around… well, sometimes…. But I smile!!
I’m a friendly person and I smile when I walk around the office, smile my way to the pantry….. even to the loo ….. I SMILE!...
*BIG SMILE* Well, you can’t please everyone…. Can you?

Can anyone out there borrow me a Canon EOS 20D to play around till I get one on my own??...

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