Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The past week has been extremely mind-boggling. Due to some problems that was going on with “ someone” and on top of that things were about to change from now onwards to that “ someone”.

KY and I went for a short holiday 2 weeks ago. A day after we came back, we found out that one of our friend’s parents who went to China for holiday had met an accident. Apparently, they were on their way down from one of the hills and the bus break wasn’t working.
His mother didn’t make it. While his dad was in a very critical condition. His left shoulder blade and ribs were broken, his back spine was injured while his right leg was punctured from the bamboo sticks.

Thank god, they manage to bring him back on a private jet. As what I’ve heard, he might not make it if he were to be treated there. There’s a huge/mind-bogling story behind it, but I shall keep it to my dear old self.

On top of that, things in the office were not going to smoothly. Every job was urgent, looking at the bright side, I’ll be getting extra cash this month, thanks to the overtime. Kekeke.

To add it on to my little excitement for the week, the small little ants were back. I hardly eat in the room. Was trying to find where did the ants come from and at the end I decided to do the whole spring-cleaning thingy in the room. I thought that I finally got rid of the pests and would have wonderful beauty sleep during the weekends.
No….. they came back! I’ve cleaned up everything!!.. the sides, the corners, everywhere!!!... And they came back…!...
Been observing the little pests, and I realize that they were coming from outside through the windows in my room. ARGHH…… I shall hunt down the little pests headquarters’, spray and pour down tons of ants’ killer power….

Die you little pests!.... DIE!!!....

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