Friday, April 14, 2006


Had a wonderful dinner with Mich yesterday night. Had dinner at Chilli's. Wanted to spend dear cousin of my, but freaking Diners card wasn’t accepted.

Got a call from them few weeks back.
“We realize that you have not been using your card for the pass 2 year. Is there any problem with the card?”

“Oh. No problem at all. Just didn’t need to use “ I replied.

“I see. Do you know that by using Diners you get loads of discounts in restaurants and on other stuffs as well. Plus, when you use your card to pump petrol you can accumulate points as well. Where else, other cards you can’t do that… “(Chilli's not included.. I guess.. )

“Ah .. I see… Really?”

“Yes… yes… I’ll send you some brochure and pamphlets… “

I didn’t want to use the Diners b’cos it’s a charge card. And why did I apply for it in the first place? Just call me dumb. I didn’t know that it was a charge card. On top of that, it was free.
After using it for a few months, after I got the card. I got freaked out. The interest that they charge. Woo hoo… amazing…

And why did I start using it again…? That’s b’cos I’m trying to just use one card where I’ll be force to pay every month. The thing with credit cards is that you just tend to pay the min. amount and you tell yourself you’ll pay the full amount the next month. And on top of that, you’re still be using the card in between. Just IMAGINE using that principal for 4 different credit cards… woo hoo….. It just keeps on increasing and increasing..
That’s what happening to me right now. So I’m trying to clear off every cent that I owe and just use the Diners where I’ll be force to pay every cent that I’ve used and for “emergency’ case. kekekeke....

So back to the paying for dinner, I had to apologize that I didn't have enuf cash to spend her dinner. Pai seh…. So she paid the balance which was almost half of it… I know.. it’s sad.. Pai seh…. Pai seh…

But I promised the next round, I would bring enuf cash and spend her dinner…

I had one of the most scariest nightmare last night. To me that is!.
I dreamed that my IBook caught fire!!!
MY IBOOK!!.. Tiny smoke came out from the keyboard… then I saw little sparks, I panic and I tried to blow off the sparks .. IT BECAME worst!.. Next thing I knew the whole thing was on fire… the IBook was melting right in my face and my tears started rolling down from my eyes.. Yes!! I’m freaking emotional when it comes to my IBOOK!...
My Baby….
Next thing I knew, I woke up because of the banging and frying from my back door neighbor.
I checked my Ibook in front of me and it was save and sound… took a glance at the time… 6.30am!!
Damn I’ve only sleep for the past 3 hours only… okay.. back to sleep…
Thank god it’s just a dream….

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