Monday, April 3, 2006

Raw Fish

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Last Sat’s yoga class was a killer. I can still feel the pain on my back thigh now. The mussels are aching like ****… Anyways, to make up for the ‘heavy’ yoga session, we went to a Japanese buffet for dinner last Sat.

My first ever Japanese buffet. Had the most sashimi in my entire lifetime. Now I’m starting to freak myself up with the recent mails that I’ve receive about worms growing in the head of a Japanese man … Due to excess sashimi intake. Yes ! I like to freak myself up with all these stuffs. The buffet is pretty much worth the money. RM 44.90. Not much variety thou… but if you like fresh sashimi, tuna, butterfish, oyster… you might find that it will satisfy you.
Not to mention, the usual sushi and tempura. Yum yum..
Didn’t take any food pics.. but as usual… people pics…more on flickr.....

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