Thursday, April 6, 2006


Decide to buy some stuff from EBay… Well, actually my intention was to sell what my mom has painted. My mom started painting folk art recently. Will post some pictures soon… She managed to sell a couple of her works. I though of trying out ebay to see it she can make more money out of that rather then what she is doing rite now.

Anyways, registering to Ebay, lead me to PayPal.
As you can see, my latest insertion click on button on my right bottom page…
PayPal Donate. Will to except any amount of donation in order to upgrade my Flickr Account to Flickr Pro.

Yes.. I know it’s pathetic, but if you don’t try, you won’t know. Rite?
That’s one of my phrases in life.

Unfortunately, I can’t circulate this blog around ppl I know as I intend to keep this blog to myself and people that I don’t know. That would give me less restriction to talk about more stuffs….

So here you go….

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